It is in the air

It really is, the days are already shorter, we turn the lights on around 9. I feel like wearing scarves and layers of clothes. And I feel like make my "nest" a bit more like autumn.
So this weekend we went to Ikea, just for some small items like frames and bathmats... somehow we always end up at the cashregister with a lot more than we went out for!
Today I had some time to de-clutter our regular clutter spaces, like the diningroom table and the mantelpiece. I wonder how long things will look like this:

The framed artwork I bought on Etsy.


That time of the month

Noooo, not THAT time, but this time:

The monthly magazines are in! So it's time for a cup of tea, the magazines & me!
The boys are asleep and my love is at soccerpractice! Aaah, some nice quiet time...

This magazine has a few pages filled with the beautiful and creative home of Ninainvorm!

And to end this with some good advice from Flow:



Off to school

And so we went off to school this morning!
J. put on his brave smile & helpt his little brother to walk through the hallway! But when all the parents left, he turned quiet & a few tears came up... But he was strong enough to stay & sit in his little chair & wait for all the fun to start!
So now I am home, hugging my little one, while whispering: please stay small a bit longer...



Fleamarket findings

Today we visited a fleamarket and while the boys were busy finding Matchbox & Hotwheels, I found these little treasures:

I love these drawings made by Rie Cramer, they always cheer me up & make me long for thick blankets & cups of tea with cookies!

I hope you all have a great week!


Byebye wednesday

Time sure flies when you're having fun! Today I took half the day off from work & I enjoyed my free time un-knitting & re-knitting! I also did some online shopping, I treated myself to some nice vintage articles... I'll show them when they get here!
I visited some nice blogs and wondered why I haven't found them before! Like: decor8, I know a few of the guestbloggers, but decor8 itself was new to me! I also enjoyed myself with A cup of Jo, I even took a shot at the wednesday give away, but looking at the more than 800 comments, I think it's a long shot!
Meanwhile it is still very warm here, around 27 degrees celcius, so I am off to the roofterrace!


Let's celebrate!

Life! Let's just try and celebrate our day-to-day-life a bit more! Surround yourself with bright colours and happy people!
That's my goal for the upcoming week! I hope I am up for the bright colours, I am suffering from a concussion, hit my head on a very small doorway, I swear I am Alice in Wonderland!
Have a happy week!