Out of order

A quick hello to say everything is okay!
I am at my work & I just had to make some time to let you know that our computer at home is in serious trouble & help is called in!
I hope I will be back to visit all your wonderful blogs soon, I do miss it!



FFF # 32

1. Untitled, 2. Anna's worktable, 3. Untitled, 4. spud

Have a wonderful weekend!

FFF = Flickr Favorite Friday, so I post a mosaic of some of them!


Collection # 33


The one on the left has been made by J. & the one on the wall is not a real part of this collection and has been put back in the garden after this photoshoot. :)



Thrifted bricks

On our way we passed the thriftstore today, I still had a big-green-bottle popping up in my head, I saw it a few weeks ago.
So we hopped in to see if I was lucky, ofcourse it already had been sold.
But T. & were very happy when we spotted these wonderful bricks.


ps blogger seems to have trouble again with commenting :(


It's a circus

I'll tell you!
my little clown on a break

me, making 'clouds on sticks'

a satisfied customer ;)

The theme of the summerparty at school was circus, complete with a real clown, ponyback rides, a fire-breathing juggler & cotton candy ofcourse! Thankfully the weather was okay & everything went as planned!
The kids had a blast!

Now it's on to the teachers birthdayparty & the happy-holiday-picnic & than schools' out for summer! Yay!

Have a great weekend!


Oh my

Being buried in all the things to do before summerbreak! So no collection today, didn't have time to take some photo's, sorry!

But I do want to take the time to say thank you to Een kloddertje roze hier for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award!
I will write a proper acceptance speech as soon as I've got some quiet time.

There are so many things I would like to do right now, the more I want to do the less gets done it seems!

So bare with me, I will be back!



Collection # 32


When clearing out my fathers' house we found all these keys, I decided to keep them all. That's all that's left of him; keys & memories.



They only come outside to play

When it's nice & wet outside.
On our way to school & back we try to find them all.

serious snailbussiness

T. spots a homeless snail, 'een bloterd' ('a nudy')


Although we have lots of fun with the snails & we could do with some rain, I hope we will have sunnyweather back this week!



Just love

Love it when packages arrive, wrapped in vintage gameboxes.
Love this kind of recycling!

Love counting down to our holiday this year, 43 days to go! So I can finally read & play with this book.

Love wearing these shoes! Part of my daily-summer-outfit! :)

Love this itty-bitty-magazine bij Klein Format!

Have a lovely summer!



Collection # 31

letters/our initials

Happy June!