Bye bye 2009!

Being very busy attending unfinished business, something in the corner of my eye tried to catch my attention, it was my little corner on the world wide web!!!
I am so sorry little blog, but it all came to a stand still after this:

My sweetheart broke his arm during a soccermatch and so I became a mother of 3 instead of 2!

Thankfully everything turned out allright with his arm after surgery and I could focus on my mountain of unfinished business. I like to end the year (or actually start the year) with a clean slate, so every december I am in a hurry to finish the unfinished... Oh well, at least I try!
Here a few pictures of the last 3 or so months:

So, goodbye 2009, you have been a year of saying goodbye to many things and left us with lots of keys & memoiries! We move on to the new year keep in mind the good and finding a nice place for the not so good!
I am looking forward to many things and to reading all of the great blogs out here!

I wish you all the best for 2010!



Oh my!

Time sure flies! Being occupied with schooldays, knitting & a severe cold, I just didn't make time for you all! So here are some pics of the last few days.

I got my order from this great Etsian! If you are looking for some great vintage finds, you should hop on over to her store!

Fall really kicked in & J. is collecting everything he can get his little hands on!

Meanwhile Miffy is keeping me company on my cowl, I still need a few inches extra!

Tomorrow I am going to go to Amsterdam with my mother for some well deserved shopping!
I would love to hear what your plans are!



I saw this post months ago and eversince I have had butterflies on my mind. This week they all came out and found a nice frame.


Happy monday!

Happy monday everybody!
A new week with lots of stuff to do! Now that J. started school, it's like the whole family has to find a new daily routine. I have a new 'job' on monday & tuesday, I am a lunchmommy! So I sit with a group of children while they eat their lunch and I supervise while they're on the playground.
I really need to call my drivinginstuctor, I haven't had a lesson for over 2 months now... I am so scared, not of the driving itself, but more of the judgement of the instructor! So, note to self: you pay this man to teach you how to drive a car! That's it!
I have bought some fabric to make a blanket for the neighbours' baby, I should make a start with that this week.
And I should better be knitting, because soon this new pattern book will arrive and I really want to be knitting these!

Just check out this blog, what a happy place filled with the most creative photographs!

Picture by Color me Katie



It is in the air

It really is, the days are already shorter, we turn the lights on around 9. I feel like wearing scarves and layers of clothes. And I feel like make my "nest" a bit more like autumn.
So this weekend we went to Ikea, just for some small items like frames and bathmats... somehow we always end up at the cashregister with a lot more than we went out for!
Today I had some time to de-clutter our regular clutter spaces, like the diningroom table and the mantelpiece. I wonder how long things will look like this:

The framed artwork I bought on Etsy.


That time of the month

Noooo, not THAT time, but this time:

The monthly magazines are in! So it's time for a cup of tea, the magazines & me!
The boys are asleep and my love is at soccerpractice! Aaah, some nice quiet time...

This magazine has a few pages filled with the beautiful and creative home of Ninainvorm!

And to end this with some good advice from Flow:



Off to school

And so we went off to school this morning!
J. put on his brave smile & helpt his little brother to walk through the hallway! But when all the parents left, he turned quiet & a few tears came up... But he was strong enough to stay & sit in his little chair & wait for all the fun to start!
So now I am home, hugging my little one, while whispering: please stay small a bit longer...



Fleamarket findings

Today we visited a fleamarket and while the boys were busy finding Matchbox & Hotwheels, I found these little treasures:

I love these drawings made by Rie Cramer, they always cheer me up & make me long for thick blankets & cups of tea with cookies!

I hope you all have a great week!


Byebye wednesday

Time sure flies when you're having fun! Today I took half the day off from work & I enjoyed my free time un-knitting & re-knitting! I also did some online shopping, I treated myself to some nice vintage articles... I'll show them when they get here!
I visited some nice blogs and wondered why I haven't found them before! Like: decor8, I know a few of the guestbloggers, but decor8 itself was new to me! I also enjoyed myself with A cup of Jo, I even took a shot at the wednesday give away, but looking at the more than 800 comments, I think it's a long shot!
Meanwhile it is still very warm here, around 27 degrees celcius, so I am off to the roofterrace!


Let's celebrate!

Life! Let's just try and celebrate our day-to-day-life a bit more! Surround yourself with bright colours and happy people!
That's my goal for the upcoming week! I hope I am up for the bright colours, I am suffering from a concussion, hit my head on a very small doorway, I swear I am Alice in Wonderland!
Have a happy week!