Day in Instagram

Although Instagram has been saying rather stupid things (about selling peoples photo's & such) I have a lot of fun taking pictures this way.
My 4 Instagrams of this wednesday.
We visited the Museum voor Communicatie & Panorama Mesdag, bought a monkey & some hyacinths.



Count my blessings

getting real enthousiastic about my new work, it feels like a window in my head openend & ideas just fly in.
▲ working from home when T. got the flu.
▲ visiting & working on a convention where I got some time to buy J. a book from his favorite author & have it signed as well 
▲ had a nice converstation about Tony's Chocoloney & research a got these wonderful bars of chocolate as a gift
▲ last week J. had a hearing test & that proved that he is partially deaf, today the hospital called to schedule the operation to place tubes in his ears. The blessing here is the fact that 'the problem' was acknowledged & it's treatable! 
▲ on sunday we went to Nijmegen to visit friends, hopped in Het Valkhof to look at what remained of the Romans that once lived there.
▲ don't let the boys hear it but I am really happy the snow is gone! Sssst...
Hopefully this week Mr. Flu moves out! I am busy with gathering the last pieces to bring with me to the IJhallen (fleamarket) coming saturday! Hopefully I don't have to take everything back with me.
Have a beautiful new week!
For more blessing visit Zilverblauw!



With the extra hours of work I felt I was in serious need of a tool to keep things a bit organised around here, so I went to the Hema for a weekplanner.
And couldn't resist some other stuff...

 tiny plate Hema
clipboard Hema, card from Planetfur,
vase was a  gift &
print from VT-Wonen
This week Mister Flu showed me things aren't always plannable, T. is feeling really sick, so husband & I get to work from home.
And with this kind of weather to be honest I like it at home!


My morning

My morning in Instagram-pictures.
20 cm of snow here!!



Count my blessings


 some random photo's
What made me happy this week:
▲ friendship
▲ sunny winterweather
▲ starting in my new job & all the sweet reactions to this news
▲ fresh flowers
▲ joining J. & his class on a field trip to a puppet theatre
▲ getting a card from a dear online-friend

For more blessings hop on over to Zilverblauw.

Have a beautiful new week.


Ps I feel a bit sorry for not being around as often as I used to be, but I need a bit of time to figure out this whole new routine with more working hours & stuff. I hope you'll understand.



New year, new phone, kind of a new job, new things to do & look forward to!
So I started the new year by diving in to the sea for the so called Polar Bear Plunge! I didn't do it with an organised jump, we just took the boys to the beach & I happened to be wearing my bathing suit under my clothes! My husband really didn't believe I was really going to go through with it, the boys were also a bit surprised but I actually did it! And to be honest it's a great way to start the new year fresh! :)

New: I am on Instagram

Our holiday is almost over, tomorrow we're visiting Leiden for a trip to the Museum of Oudheden because J. wants to see things from Egypt & than we're back to our normal routines. Really looking forward to that!

Have a beautiful sunday!