Took home

Remember I wasn't going to buy anything for a month except for groceries?
But then I went to the Woonbeurs & so I failed at not buying anything...

This is what I took home:
To the left: the tiny vase 'Daisy' by Lenneke Wispelwey I bought at the boot from Studio De Winkel! I really had to bite my tongue not to buy more at this shop. Got the Jurianne Matter circel for free, so sweet!
To the right: the broken plate I repaired in a workshop given at the Humade boot using the 'new kintsugi repair kit'! This gives your broken pieces of china a second life with beautiful golden

 Ofcourse I took some inspiration back home with me as well.
From the VT-wonen & 101-Woonideeën houses (which actually had a few similarities, the entrance of the 101 house looked very VT to me, but hey I am not an expert! :))
I spotted glass domes & vintage, black desklamps. So I dusted off one of my vintage lamps & gave it a new spot in the livingroom together with the new vase & plate.

And last but definitely not least Het Kattenpandje from KekAmsterdam!
It was handed out for free for the people of the press & the bloggers that were busy blogging there live! A big thank you to Yvonne for giving Sjaan her own PurrrrFactory! 

All in all I did pretty good considering the temptation I had to face!
October starts tomorrow & I'll keep a low shopping-profile for a bit longer!
And tomorrow I will host the first giveaway by a shop!!! Stay tuned!


Woonbeurs & the Bloggers

An impression of the Woonbeurs 2012:


Maantje Piet does confetti ♥
Necklace at Studio De Winkel
Tweelink cute wooden robots

VT Wonen house

A big thank you to: Iris, Anki (with Casper & Wolf), Marlous, Yvonne, Philomeen for making me feel really welcome & at home at the Meet the Bloggers corner!
Kei-leuk man!!!
Finally met Daan (who came with Elvis & Maantje Piet!) & Joscha (with Pippa) & Moniek & Liesbeth & Lisa!!
Finished this wonderful day with my sister-in-law, great Italian food, good wine & lots of laugther in Amsterdam!
Have a great weekend!




Some random interior glimpses.


Woonbeurs 2012

The Amsterdam Woonbeurs started today & I won a ticket
at the Enigheid - blog!!!
I'll go there on friday so I can meet up with Iris from Enigheid & other bloggers, see the houses of VTWonen, 101Woonideeën
& the latest on interior design!
So looking forward to it!
Maybe we'll meet!


A winner & more!

Congratulations Sjaantje! Please mail me your adress so
I can ship you the eggcups & pearplate!
saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com
Thank you all for playing! So sorry you can't all win but... don't be sad!
Because I like to do giveaways so much I asked on Twitter if there are shops around who would love to do a giveaway on my blog...
Some amazing shops responded & so:

From monday october first a giveaway-marathon starts on this blog! 

What better way to start your week than with a giveaway!?

Have a happy week!

ps winner is drawn with the help from True Random Number Generator
psps if you are a shop owner & you want to participate in the giveaway as well, please send me an email: saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com



Some very sad news from a family member made me realise it's a true blessing that I am healthy & the ones real close me are as well!

What made me smile this past week: 
 Seeing a beautiful rainbow just before I went out for a run.

Finding a small army of so called koppoters made by T., he really got bitten by the drawing-bug! ♥


Eating my first mandarin in months, that means autumn really started!
Have a beautiful new week!
Visit Zilverblauw if you want to see more blessings!
By the way: you can still enter my giveaway! I will announce the winner tomorrow!
If you want to win tickets to visit the Woonbeurs hop on over to Enigheid!


Meet Sjaan

she's got a cute brown nose & a beautiful
choclate & white fur coat
she is 4 years old
T. was very happy to know he's no longer the youngest!

& she talks back at me! ♥
Cobus is not yet sure he likes her but he isn't as bored as he used to be, so that's a good sign!
Cobus enjoying the new basket
* check out the launch of the new Oh Marie Magazine tomorrow!
* celebrate the 2nd birthday of the StyleCookie !
* dont't forget to enter my giveaway !
And have a wonderful weekend!


Tiny little movie

 Aardman Animations (the team behind Wallace and Gromit)
has created the world's smallest film
all shot using a smartphone
So sweet!

ps you can still enter my giveaway!


Monday Giveaway

Because of good things happening lately, I thought let's celebrate & what better than to start the week with a giveaway!?

Here's the deal: if you want these two egg-boys to cheer up your morning mood & the pearshaped wooden plate for your keys, change etc.: leave a comment! I will announce the winner next week on monday the 24th!

Have a beautiful new week!
Good things? Yes my first blog on Boyslabel.com & we got ourselves a new friend for Cobus, I will introduce you soon!
Oh & if you're thinking wasn't she selling this stuff? Yes, but giving away is much more fun! ♥


News on sunday

Boyslabel is a wonderful dutch site filled with stuff to do with, amazing clothing & homedecor for BOYS!
And guess what?

They asked me to write a monthly blog!

Have a great sunday!

Ps. to celebrated this happy news I will do a small giveaway tomorrow!


No buying inspiration

The month october has actually got a theme: Buy Nothing New, complete with a challenge! (resource Flow Magazine Facebook) Maybe I'll even continue my not-buying month.
Looking forward to tomorrow morning for my second Start to Run workout & sunday I will let you in on some news! :)
Have a great weekend!




Pictures from the old Tram Remise in The Hague. I visited this building, as part of trip with all the collegues from my work, last week. Love the industrial features.
At this moment I am a bit under the weather but I am also busy with a new challenge which I am pretty thrilled about! And I am working on some new stuff for this blog as well. I will soon let you in on it!


Counting my blessings

Haven't counted my blessings for a while, well not on my blog.
But because of some things happening lately I felt the need to stop & realise there's so much more to be thankful for & to put it down in writing.

So a short list of blessings this week:

- my mother has been ill for a few months now & it looks like she is on the slow road to full recovery, the fact that I still have a mother is a true blessing.

- But the biggest blessing this week is to see T. being his usual self again after I had to jam an Epi-pen in to his leg yesterday because the birthdaycake over at my mother in law contained peanut. This will never ever be a thing I get used to, seeing my little boy go through all the stages of anaphylactic reaction, to him coping with the side effects to antihistamine.
Today he is just my happy, healthy boy again, luckily! ♥

- And on a lighter note, I was blessed to receive mail from Sophie Sweet Vintage: I won tickets to visit the Kunsthal in Rotterdam! Thank you so much!
What made you feel blessed this week?
Have a great new week!
More count your blessing over on Zilverblauw.



Random (shameless selfpromotion) stuff I am selling on MP!
Have a great day!


Favorite 5

No shopping doesn't mean I can't look around, now does it?! :)

So here are my 5 favorites from Collected by Tas-Ka, this design company owns their own webshop & if you ever visit The Hague, they have a wonderful store near the citycentre.

I do hope you all keep shopping so I don't have to worry about the economy & such! ;)