PJ sunday

We are enjoying a great pyamasunday! The boys are enjoying themselfs & I am happily doing some knitting & crocheting. I am still trying to finish the sweater but with having done at least 90% of it, it seems I can get the last bit done... Knitting a pair of mittens in between doesn't speed things up either!

Yesterday we visited auntie M. in Amsterdam for her birthday, but first we stopped at Artis. It's a small zoo with old-university-grandeur. Too bad there are still some animals in small enclosures suffering from compulsive behaviour. But Artis is working to make the conditions for the animals better.

All 4 of us loved the aquarium & ofcourse the different monkeys, the giraffes & the elephants! And we found the little statue of Dikkertje Dap, it's my favorite song to sing at the boys bedtime!

J. also received a belated birthdaygift, a skateboard which had to be tried at once, luckily opa was there to guide him through his first attempts!

I hope you have a great sunday too!


Collection # 1

After enjoying myself with the beautiful collections of Lisa Congdon I started thinking about my own collections, & realised I had more than I thought to be honest.
Not as much as Lisa ofcourse!
So to make something special to break the week, I will place 1 or 2 pictures with a collection each week, so creating Collection Wednesday!

Siem en zo kicked this week of with a book by Rie Cramer. I am also a big fan of her work and have been collecting Rie Cramer books & stuff for about 3 years now. Those beautiful, colourful drawings take me back to sweet, warm & cozy places...



He´s sick, my dear, sweet friend is sick.
I took him to the vet this morning, on my bike with T. in his seat & Cobus in his crate we went.
He is running a high fever, his heart & kidneys look okay. He got a shot & now we are waiting for the fever to come down.
Let´s all hope he will pull through.

I just wanted to share these photo´s of Cobus & a 2 days old T., on the right T. is almost 3 months.


Want to win 35 Euro's worth of shopping at Onderkleertjes?
Check out the Orange Farmhouse & enter this great giveaway!
Good luck!


When it rains

visit a museum! Today we visited the Museon in The Hague. It's fun, you can touch & interact with so many interesting features on racecars, boats, Romans, Egypt, electricity, dinosaurs & animals!
I still feel sorry for the giraffe & his little bird though...

The boys liked playing with the rescueraft & swimming around in the blue-ball-ocean!



Making lists

With my birthday coming up, Sinterklaas & Christmas, I am looking for giftideas.
Visiting 365Blanc I found the Curiousity Shoppe.
O but don't get to happy, they don't ship outside the USA... Just looking is a little treat on it's own!


Baking & making

Did some baking today! The weather is really wet & grey, so we enjoyed staying in and eating pear tarte tatin!

Oh and what about this little father & sons project:
A little clay bird on a nest!



Is it a hand?

Noooooo, it's a tree with beautiful fallcolors, an owl-hole, a nest next to it on the grass and a sweet sun in the corner!We are having some crafty-fun during fallbreak!




I love Fiep's drawings! As I guess most of the children in the Netherlands, born after the fifties, I grew up with her images of Jip & Janneke.
But I especially love her birds with scarfs & socks!
If you want to win this little bird, fly over to Arnika!!!
Happy new week!

picture taken by Arnika


It must be

A must have!
Through Ravelry I found out that the Zeeman textile stores are hosting a knittingevent on the 24th of october, with the (if your dutch) funny name Muts Have. (muts = hat)
But that's not all, they placed some hatpatterns on their site as well!
One pattern caught my eye, it's made by Sas Knits it again!
To be honest, I am a yarnsnob, but this hat had to be made n o w apparently...
So for less than 1 euro and a days work, here is my hat, tadaaaaah:



A rose

He came home from a playdate with a little rose in his hands. I was happily surprised and squaled: ooooh you brought me a rose!
He tossed it to me, you know, like Frank Sinatra would flip a coin to a bouncer! Not quite the little charmer yet!

Sweet little rose though...


Some Roman pics

Had a great time in Rome!
Tips: we had a very good italian lunch at Gina and if you are from the Netherlands or Germany you can visit a tiny cemetary within the Vatican. Want to have a great diner, visit the Trastevere area.
Happy monday!