Random sunny

wearing my french hat 

random seagull

bright flowers

bright toenails

The boys have another week off from school. We do our best to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible!




Spend some lovely evenings on our rooftop terrace! Too bad the weather is getting a bit cooler now...



The winners are...

What an amazing amount of comments on the giveaway, thank you! The comments on the bedspread even made me doubt me decision for just one second... Just kidding!

*Drumroll please*

Thank you J. for your assistance!

Congrats to: 
MijnMamaHeetZoet you won the Flow Mindfulness Book
Emmel you won the vintage memory game
Bien Maakt you won the vintage bedspread!!!

Please email your address to: saskia.vanderzee ~at~ yahoo.com .

Thank you all for playing!

Beach bums

not only kids love to visit the beach ♥

I will announce the winners tonight!

Have a good sunday!



Last call!

Have a great weekend!

Ps. Due to the sunny weather I will announce the winners on sunday the 27th of may.


Random stuff

Some random stuff that caught my eye.

- T.s' Bensimon sneakers

- my inspirationboard (get the little neon bracelet here)

- our weddingpoms are still up (from Een Nieuw Avontuur

- colorcontrast in the kitchen

- flowerbird

- the wrapping on an order (from Studio Stationary)

Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on the beach with the boys, it really feels like summer! I hope you all had a chance to be outside as well!


Ps you can still enter the giveaway!


Simply soup

Get some tasty tomatoes, 500 grams

cut them into wedges

put them with 2 onions in quarters & 
 4 (or more!) garlic toes (cleaned ofcourse) 
in a roasting pan, drizzle with olive oil &
some coarse seasalt

Put it in a pre-heated oven (220 C).

Now wait for about 30 minutes.

Have a cup of coffee (or tea) read the newspaper, interesting article on blogging mothers in yesterdays' Volkskrant with
a beautiful photo of Maantje Piet

In this article I learned that blogging is dead except for some well visisted mama-blogs like MaandagDaandag & Mme. ZsaZsa.
And that blogging mothers make everything look better... 
Yes, well if the big home decor magazines photographed houses the way they look on a normal working day, nobody would look into another magazine, right?

I also learned that blogging mothers blog about food, sewing, crafting etc., 
that's why I decided to do a blog about soup today. 
(Too bad I didn't make spinachsoup so I could have showed you all a photo with a kid with spinach between its' teeth! ;))

make 1 liter of broth the easy way ;)

get the pan out of the oven when 
things turn black

throw everything in the broth, 
let it cook for about 5 minutes

get the blender in...

put it in a bowl, add some cream 
& fresh cut parsley. 

A great cook ~Ari~ told me 

"the love you put into it & good company make it special"!

Bon appetit!



Random happiness

Macarons from Jarreau *sigh*

a stranger visiting our balcony

for a quick bite

mothers' day gift from T.
look mommy our letters ♥

a nice bunch of flowers

on the gift J. gave me for mothers' day

confetti bunting from Engelpunt for mothersday

I made a moustache & J. liked it

won this tiny ant-stamp on 
Twitter from Winkel van Papier
Yay! Thank you!

Got very happy from all your sweet comments on my giveaway! *Thank you!* 
Oh you missed it? No worries you can still participate here!

And this blogpost from Emmel put a huge smile on my face!!! 

I do hope you all have a happy day as well!


Springcleaning GIVEAWAY

Due to springcleaning I am giving some stuff away! Yay!

#1. This vintage memory game

#2. This brandnew Flows's Mindfulness Book
just so you know, it's in dutch  :)

#3. This vintage crocheted bedspread

It's pretty big, it roughly measures 200 x 200 cm

Let me know which one of the items you would like to receive, I will ship worldwide, so please join in!

I will announce the lucky ones on may 26!

Good luck!




The bear & the boy reunited today.


ps no, unfortunatly it's not his original bear, luckily I found the exact same bear on MP.


Just random


~ Bought the camera at the Vrijmarkt in Maastricht
~ Found these 3 cuddled up in bed while I was cleaning ♥
~ Colouring is serious business... 



Not perfect

I didn't just order an-already-made embroidery from Miso Funky, I also ordered a pattern. I had so much fun making it, too bad my steam iron decided to ruin it with some spots... :( But I am still proud of my work, so here's the first draft, I will make a new one!

eraser building blocks: Action
frame: Ikea

Have a great new week!



Here's an impression of our first-ever-campingtrip! 


first look from the door

look to the right

bed with Snorremans & the closet

the outside diningroom :)

morningchat with the neighbours

It was a great week! 

We now know that the tent we used was the wrong one (we dumped it the day we left), people who camp often always wear shorts & short sleeves (brrrr...), you can make wonderful campervans out of firetrucks, my husband makes the best pancakes ever, people from every walk of life camp, it's really cozy to sleep together in a small space, kids can be entertained with an old tractor, the tomatosoup from Monica Rivron is really good & it's very nice to be outdoors all day!

We stayed on Campsite Oosterberg, we took a trip with an old steam train & we visited Kasteel Hoensbroek.

Too bad T. lost his teddybear somewhere between the campside & our house, thankfully it's not his favorite bear, still he's sad about the loss. So if you see a bear wandering around let us know!

As always it's good to be home again! With mountains of laundry, 2 happy cats & some beautiful embroidery waiting for me:

embroidery by Miso Funky

Have a peaceful weekend!