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THe best boy
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- wonder what can be used as a bookmark? Look here at Forgotten Bookmarks, it's an amazing blog!

- images on books, shelves, libraries can be found on Bookshelf 
(found this link via Asthetic Outburst she has a great project: she makes beautiful things & gives them away!)

The last book I've read was Ladder of years by Anne Tyler. (thanks to Roos Ouwehand!)
Now I am enjoying & reading Good luck by Christine Otten & Erik Kessels.

What is your all time favorite book? Just curious :)!

Have a great day!


Collection # 23

my own personal herd


ps seen my giveaway already?
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Today Een kloddertje roze hier became a follower of my little blog!
And that made a total of...
Thank you all very much for visiting & commenting on Knoopjes (=buttons)! It truly means a lot to me!



"Super" giveaway

What is it?
Is it a flower?
Is it a windmill?
Is it a plane?

No, it's  

Wanted to make some new egg cozies for upcoming easter. Last saturday I spend a few hours on Ravelry in search of a nice pattern. But I just couldn't find a cozy I liked.
At 3 (or 4 :) ) in the morning a woke up & started thinking, what was the last project a knitted & finished???

And there it was: the Zsa Mask

In daylight my idea still seemed okay & so I started to knit!
I had so much fun knitting, I couldn't stop at 4 :) 

So here's the deal: if you like to have a set of 4 SuperEggCozies
all you have to do is leave a comment before monday april 4 midnight!

Tuesday april 5 I will announce the winner!

Good luck!



A beautiful book

Bought this book yesterday, but it's so beautiful, it deserves its' own post.
Love the illustrations & bright colors. My boys like the book as well, it got some sweet stories!

Hopefully we all adept quickly to the 'they-took-an-hour-away-effect'. It always seems to kick me off balance, not to mention the boys! 

Meanwhile I am working on a giveaway, it actually almost kept me awake last night! :)



Some finds

A rainy day and so while the boys & dad took out the old Matchbox city, I took off to do some thriftstore-shopping!

Some of my treasures:

a book, a mushroom (probably poisonous!),
a monkey & a squirrel 




Link ♥

- Yay! I am going to the Breidag (knittingday), with knittingfriend D.!

- Just for us mothers of boys, visit the Orange Farmhouse for some great online shops & discountdeal! 

- Oh and hurry: she also hosts a great giveaway!

- Creative & want to help Japan? Go to Omstebeurt een nieuw avontuur.

- This is a great recipe from Dalkruidjes. I hope they sell 'bokkepootjes' in other countries as well? :)

- Wouldn't these racecars be the perfect little treat for T.'s birthday to give to his friends at kindergarden/school?

- Already making plans for J.'s 6th birthday, dinosaur-style!

- I guess the season for some good old kite-flying has started, let's make one!

- Love this idea!

- Love to browse through these "memories".

- For all you Paris & macaron-lovers outthere: Paris Breakfast

- Just 4 days left to enter this birthday-give-away over on Siem en zo!




Oh lala!

She has been in my favoriteslist on Etsy for a while, I even put her in my cart & took her out again. Being a mother of 2 boys & all...
picture by Mikodesign

But Kickcan and Conkers recently hosted a giveaway where you could win yourself a I love Paris doll kit.

And oh lala, mais oui! I won!

Merci Deborah & Erika!


Found a face!

Faces in Places always makes me smile! The funny faces they seem to find everywhere it seems!

Yesterday I found a face, yay!
a happy windmill

Inspired by sweet friend L., we visited de Zaanse Schans & the Verkade Paviljoen. It's so much fun to see how Verkade used to make biscuits, chocolate bars & waxine lichtjes. The kids could try their hand at filling tins with cookies, handeling machines & playing memory. Although it's all via computer at the end they got the taste of a real Verkade biscuit.

We also walked around to see the typical houses, mills (yes, again), old backery & the little grocery store.
my beautiful men

Have a beautiful week!


Forward an Award

2 girls on a swing

Received a sweet award from Arnika! *blush*
It's so nice & special to have my blog liked!
Thank you Arnika!

I would love to give this award to:


Please accept this award with a smile
don't feel pressured into participating!


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On my balcony

I enjoyed some sunshine with a nice cup of tea, the latest edition of 101 woonideeen & the spring /summer 2011 catalogue of Toast.

The styling & the beautiful pictures in the Toast catalogue make me want to go to sunny France now!
Just wanted to share some of my favorites with you:
(pictures of pictures made by Jonathan West)

Have a good weekend!


Collection # 21

small japanese figures


If you are able & want to help, please donate to the Red Cross.



Calls for some serious cleaning decluttering. Our house is filled with small bowls & they are filled with, well stuff!
For example:

Why can't I just part with some of this stuff?

I did manage to clean & clear the livingroom & diningroom, but I still moved stuff instead of giving or throwing it away...

Have a clean & clear new week! :)


My heart goes out to Nao & Artemis.


FFF # 26

1. Spreeuwenzwerm, 2. spring blossoms, 3. Spring is Here, 4. That's a BIG Noise from a Lil lamb..:O)))

Have a happy weekend with a sunny springfeeling!

My thoughts go out to Japan & all the victims of the tsunami.


Collection # 20

A small group of giraffes



Happy week!

Mr. Flu has got one foot out the door! Yay!
My mother visited us this weekend & wondered if she saw Kinderdijk on her way down here. No she didn't but it's a good idea!
So yesterday we went to Kinderdijk & counted the mills!

The boys had fun pretending to be knights with reeds as spears & daddy as a dragon/bad guy.

The afternoon was spend building & decorating the castle grandma brought them!

What's a castle without it's own dragon?


Djeco Stencils thanks to sweet friend L..

With J. back to school, Mr. Flu on it's way out & spring definetly in the air this has to become a very good week!

Happy monday & a very happy week!