Favorite 5

All from Binkelen.nl, a webshop specialised in toys for boys! These 5 are on my favorites list but I guess J. & T. could easily agree with my selection!

I do think it's hard to think out of the Lego/Playmobile/etc.-box, so it's good to have found a shop that helps me with just that!



Just some more

Photo's that is!

on the beach at Carnac looking for wildlife

catching a fish at the market

watching Sylvester trying to catch Tweety

enjoying the countryside

just incase you feel like Obelix
don't, those stones belong to L'Etat!

but if you do want to try, do it with help!

thinking this whole car-breaking-
down-thing isn't so bad... :)

making the best of waiting in
the shade of a tree

And now slowly turning back to the normal routine with hopefully some trips to the beach & a bit of summer!

Have a great week!


Back home

Just a small impression in photo's of our holiday in Brittany:

Had a wonderful 3 weeks with lots of sunshine, trips to the beach & fleamarkets. We ate fresh oysters, crêpes, croissants & baguette.
Really had a great time camping, although it did take me a few days to adjust to the rhythm, we did enjoy living outside!
The campsite had a brandnew swimming pool that the boys enjoyed almost daily. 
Too bad on the way back home on thursday the car decided it wanted to stay a bit longer in la douce France & broke down on the highway near Amiens.
We arrived back home fridaynight (or saturdaymorning around 2...) with our caravan & a rentalcar. Our own car will arrive in about 2 weeks, I guess it was in need of a holiday? Too bad some of my fleamarketfindings are in the back of the car, keeping my fingers crossed they will get here in one piece!

Do hope you all had a beautiful july month!

Have a great weekend!


Bonne vacances!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on our sad news.
Due to that sad happening & the fact that I am in big need of a break I've decided to start the holiday-blog-break today instead of friday. 

This song has been in my head today, getting in the mood I guess!

Have a wonderful summer! 
Au revoir!


ps will be back in august!


Suddenly sad

My dear, sweet witch cat, our beautiful black girl. She looked black, but in sunlight you could see she was actually darkbrown stripey with one white whisker. 
She would talk to you & especially in the morning in the bathroom friendly ask you to please open the tap so she could drink. 
She always came in to our bedroom for a morning cuddle & when I was ill she would sleep by me side. 

When we went to pick her from the litter, we already decided on her name & when we entered the village the radio played Josephine by Chris Rea. My magical witch cat, Fientje.

A. found her yesterday in the early evening, she died probably due to a stroke not even 8 years old.
The boys & Cobus had their time to say goodbye & I did a lot of crying after the boys went to sleep. This hit me harder than I ever imagined...

She will be deeply missed.


Hello july

Dear july,

Good to see you are off to a good start! 
I do hope you'll give us a month filled with playing outside, eating fresh summerfruit, having the laundry out to dry and some long, warm evenings outdoors with wine & good company. I hope it's not too much to ask...

Saskia, A., J. & T.