Comparer des pommes et des poires

Love the design of these cans and because you shouldn't compare apples & pears I just had to take them both home with me.


ps These ones are alcoholfree, but they do sell them with alcohol as well!


Bye bye babies

Yesterday I sat down on the floor & took T.'s little cot apart, carefully putting all the screws in a little bag.

Remembering all the itty-bitty-baby-stuff & with tears saying goodbye to this wonderful, amazing, intense period of my life.

the crib in 2008 waiting for little T.

I know they do have to grow up, that's what kids suppose to do, but they sure do it really fast! It seems I am having trouble keeping up and letting go.



Some wedding details

When I announced our weddingplans I never imagined
getting all these wonderful comments & questions
about our big day!
Thank you so much! 

So I thought it would be fun to share
some details with you! 

* No weddinginvitations are sent

* We are getting married on a friday in august

* My dress is not white
& noooo the link doesn't lead you to the dress :)

* Our weddingparty consist of 12 people
(including kids)

* The ceremony starts at 16:00

* Our rings will be on a little bowl

* After the ceremony we drink champagne & eat cake

* Followed by a dinner with the weddingparty

* Which will probably be in a restaurant with a garden

* Where I (hopefully be able to) hang some pompoms
as decoration

* And maybe we even get a honeymoonsuite
for just the 2 of us for just 1 night

* But maybe not, hey we are keeping it simple!

Oh and ofcourse I will posts some pics afterwards!



Collection # 30

wooden deer/antilopes figures


Still trouble with commenting: so yay for a birthday & garbagesoup & the avondvierdaagse!
The problems with commenting seem to be on the blogs who do not use the pop-up commentbox.



Made an appointment at the florist last saturday to get my bouquet & corsages on our weddingday itself. (We are having a very small wedding!)
Got myself some pretty flowers while I was there.

 But the best bouquet I got yesterday from J. & T.:

The weather stopped us from going to the beach on sunday, so we visited the Pure Markt in The Hague, where you can buy a lot of wonderful food & products. Saw Tas-ka, wonderful lamps by Studio Snowpuppe & Ginkgo Studio.

I hope Blogger will let my leave comments at your blog today because so far I'll just get in a strange loop where I have to sign in over-and-over again...

Have a great week!


Before & after

The cast was removed yesterday & the x-ray's looked fine!
He already walks again, a bit stiff & scared but he walks!
Finally we can all go to the beach tomorrow! :)

Have a great weekend!



Collection # 29

sea urchins

Thanks to these wonderful pictures from Kristi I remembered this collection of tiny sea urchins.



Cheer up!

It's only rain! For me this song always helps when I am on my bike or when I am taking the kids to school and it rains:

To put some color in this day & get some waterproof sandals hop on over to gestipt.com! I am just waiting for the adultversion of these!

Have a happy week!


New chairs

When we started out together we needed a table & chairs. I was already pregnant with J. & so we just bought a set at the big company from Sweden. Nothing special & the chairs aren't very comfy. I have been on the look out for some nice chairs, 3 sets of 2.
But what I have in mind was hard to find, until last weeks visit to a new thriftstore, tadaaaah:

I found 2 of these for the bargain price of 5 euro's each!!!

I changed the look of the mantelpiece with finds from Q-day, the thriftstore & the florist.

It's must be so much fun to work for VT-wonen or 101-woonideeën! If I could only get the rest of my house looking like a magazine :)!


Running out

Running out of collections & cotton.  

Have to order some more cotton & will check some cupboards, closets & boxes to find some hidden collections. 

Everytime T. spots me knitting, he points out (with delight!) 'my blanket'!



Some shots

I had fun with some shots I took in our 2 weeks of schoolholiday:

And now it's back to our regular schedule! :)

Have a great week!





We went out to feed the goats & apparently the dresscode for today was white?



Q-day finds

an owl, triplets, pearshaped bowl, drum + sticks,
truck, bearly dressed doll, not the Michelin-man,
sewing kit, little soldier & a flower painting 
a lovely couple 
Tonka trucks, 2 cars & a puzzle of europe &
a complete Carrera racetrack (not shown in picture)

This year on Queensday we had a huge flea-market with lots of fun stuff!
Hope you had some great finds as well!

Have a good week!