For this weekend.

Make more lists of what to see, where & when can we visit vide greniers/brocantes, etc.. And I will make little gifts for the boys for the backseat-holiday-surprise-bag. I've found 60 of these medieval warriors that will keep them occupied for a while, I hope.

Write some letters, cards & send the giveaway out. And make a start on the holiday-journal. (notebook, maskingtape & little memobook from HEMA)

Finish some little embroidery-project that has been in my head for a while.

But mostly I will keep a huge smirk on my face of pure proudness! J. got his reportcard in from school & he will go to the fourth grade (groep 4) next year!!!

So what are you up to this weekend?
What ever you do:
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ps. Please check out Makiko Hastings' blog for the HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2, last year she made a 1000 porcelain birds to help Japan. If you've missed out now is your chance to get a bird & help Japan. 


Random piece of art

Have you ever spotted something, fell in love & went out on a quest to find it? I fell for this (kind of) painting when I spotted it in the book 'Als Nieuw' by Emily Chalmers & Ali Hananfell. No information about the painter whatsoever, so I was looking for a needle in a haystack.
Until Kay did a post where she showed a similair painting & mentioned the artist, yay!
Now I can finally put it on my vintage/thriftstore-list.

The postcards-from-France, 17 of you wanted to receive a card, so the 17 of you just drop me an email with your address & I will send you one! (saskia.vanderzee ~at~ yahoo ~dot~ com)



Favorite 5 & a winner

This week 5 favorites all from Studio Stationery

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And the winner of the Engelpunt confetti-bunting is:

Congratulations Jen from Little Birdie!
Please send me an email with your address
saskia.vanderzee ~at~ yahoo ~dot~ com

Thank you all for playing
thank you True Random Number Generator!


ps. No I am not getting paid or bribed to place this post! :)


Home ♥ My desk

We had it all planned out for the weekend... But apparently we needed to buy a sofa, have a babysitter come over (our first in almost 7 years!) so we had a romantic dinner together at Basaal, worry about my mothers' health (she will be fine, thankfully!) & do some film shopping (yes, they do sell them at stores, so you'll save on shipping-costs!).

Luckily I did manage to make lists & clean my desk.
I decided to take down my inspiration wall, so it's a bit more of a calm space now. Don't know how long it will last though... :)
The little prince is my desk friend, protecting my MT. Got me some little Moo cards last week, I really love how they turned out.

Happy monday & have a great week!

Ps Last call for the giveaway & you can still sign up for a card!


Cards from France

Do you still receive cards from friends or family that are on holiday? And do you write cards to family & friends when your on holiday? 
I do still enjoy writing cards and because I do...

If you want to receive a card from France this coming july, please leave a comment.
Coming wednesday I will pick a few names at random to put on my address list! 



Friday again

The countdown has really begun! Just 2 weeks in school left & then we are on our way to France. This time with the caravan & we decided on Brittanny. (If you have some must see/do tips of this region please let me know!)
This weekend I am going to start on the list of things to do before we leave & things we need to take with us. And get a head start on cleaning, sorting & decluttering. 
Most of the time I neglect the whole housekeeping-thing. But I just want to return from our holiday in a clear & clean house and that makes the last days before departure always a bit more hectic.
Tell me do you have some pre-holiday stress like this, or do you just throw everything in a suitcase & leave?

To help with the cleaning this little gnoom arrived today, send to me by Huis lief huis.
Thank you Carolien, it's so sweet.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Ps you can still enter the giveaway!



japanese bowl & broken zipper

A random photo.

After all the colors of yesterday & the busy Summerparty at school today (oh boy we were so lucky we had wonderful weather!), I just love looking at this photo.


Ps thank you for all the response to yesterdays' post!


Favourite 5 & a giveaway

This week all 5 from webshop Bijzonder Mooi*!


To celebrate that there are 160 followers
I am giving away this confetti-bunting!

photo & bunting by Engelpunt

If you want to win, leave a comment below.
I will anounce the winner next tuesday!


ps. No I am not getting paid or bribed to place this post! :)


Weekend pics

We had a wonderful relaxed weekend! Did some cloudstaring. 
Had tea but also some espresso.
Made a 'Chinese' bunting for the schoolparty & found amongst the pieces of paper a beautiful paper kimono.
Visited my mother in law to get a traditional Maluku sarong & kebaya to wear to the schoolparty (this years' theme is the world!).
Two of her sisters came as well & opened up a true-textile-treasurechest! 

Ofcourse we celebrated fathersday with a nice breakfast & some great gifts the boys made him!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!
Have a wonderful new week!



Finally weekend

Every year the same story: the last weeks before school's out for summer, it's hectic. The 3 days I work at the office are hectic & there are so many things to do for the schools' Summerparty, as well as all the stuff that needs to be done before we can actually go on holiday!

And now I feel a bit sick, nothing serious, but just so very tired with a sore throat & a headache.

So yes, I am going to take a nice weekend of nothing but my kids, my love, some magazines & lots of tea!

But before I do just that, I wanted to show you the beautiful water-color Emmel made of sweet T..  

Have a great weekend!


Don't laugh

As a grown-up & as a mother I regret never having learned to play an instrument as a kid. So I put it on my bucket list. 
Last year I started to think about the possibilities & what kind of instrument it had to be: not too expensive, not too difficult to learn & not too big... 
On a market last year I saw The Jumping Flea Market they gave small workshops showing how fun & easy their perticular instrument is.

It kinda stuck by me allthough I didn't even do a workshop.

Today there was a small market near the office I work in & guess what?! No, don't laugh! :)

Yep I got myself a ukelele! 

There a many great instructions on Youtube so I am going to learn how to play this instrument.

Well, is there anything you didn't do/learn as a kid that you are getting back to as an adult? Learn french, dance a walz, tie your shoelaces, swim, anything?



Random DIY

Wow, kinky! Pierced shells!

Take a piece of leather string, some ironing beads, think of oceans, waves, sand & surfer dudes.

Done! Jewellery for beach bums!

The only piece of jewellery my boys ever made & will actually wear!




Etsy favourites

Last week blogging without a camera made me take a new approach to my blog. 
As many of you I am also on Pinterest & what's more fun than making lists of things you like & enjoy?! 
So that's what I did again today, I looked through my Pins & Etsy and made a small list with stuff I love from some Etsy shops. 

Really don't now if I will keep doing a favourites every week but as long as I like it & you don't mind we'll manage I guess. 


Ps. What an amazing response to the golden couple! Admit it you all are secret-geranium-grannies deep in your hearts! :)


Thrift store monday

Haven't been to the thriftstore for a while but today I just had an itch to go I guess. The first thing I noticed were the prices! The have gone up! 
Browsing around I found an elephant, a enamel jug & a Moka Express-look-a-like.
On my way to the cash register I saw 4 eyes staring at me, oh dear. 
What was I to think about these 2? 
When in doubt: do! So I took them home for 2 euro's.
Back home I consulted Marlous via Twitter, took her advice to set free my inner-geranium-granny & I put them up on the mantlepiece.

They sure make me smile on this monday!

Have a great week!


New in

Here's what I bought last week at the Sundaymarket:
mug from Lumela Afrika, geisha & crochet bunting 
from Ing-things, vintage paper silhoutte art 

very soft rabbit with floppy ears 

boat-bunting from Ing-things 

DIY pencase from Mijnes

The mailman surprised me with a package from Bien Maakt! She was the lucky girl who won the vintage bedspread & she send me a sweet package filled with:

a beautiful flower-bunting

a maskingtape-box filled with knoopjes

some wonderfull paper ephemera 
& a keychain-tiger!
Thank you so much Bieneke!

Happy sunday!