Taking care

pinmouse by Minoridesign
I am really busy taking care of some unfinished projects, well, one at a time. The first project is my very first attempt to knit myself a sweater, I really want this one finished before autumn kicks in.
Hope to show you some result soon!


Look back

at the weekend! Visiting Harlingen & the Visserijdagen. We took a trip through the harbour on an old & small steamship, watched the SAR-helicopter & a lot of fish!
Happy week everybody!



The winners are:
Congratulations Wen and Kaylovesvintage!!!
Please email me your address at saskia dot vanderzee at yahoo dot com so I can send you your postcards!
Thank you all for playing!


Happy weekend

The results of the allergytest! Yay! Good news there is a way to overcome peanutallergy!!!

We are going up north today to visit my mother and to look around at the "Visserijdagen"!
Aaaaand this is the last day to join my giveaway!!!

Happy weekend!


After reading

With this terrible weather I just had to do something indoors.
So after reading a magazine I tore it up, folded the pages in strips and took some glue.
And here is the start of my paperbowl!
And nooooo, this great idea isn't mine, you can find it here and I have seen these bowls in Fairtradeshops as well.
I am looking foreward to an evening off knitting and tea!
I guess the crafting season has started again :)!
What are your new or recently started projects?

ps Go ahead enter my giveaway!


Easy like sundaymorning

It really is easy, just follow the recipe on the box of puff paste, add some whipped cream, strawberries & tiny strips of mint, finish it off with powdered sugar. Voila!

ps. you can still enter my giveaway!


FFF nr. 3

1. Soap, 2. Bubble-gum, 3. Colors, 4. Up and Away

Seeing all those great pictures on Flickr reminds me off the fact that I haven't shared any holidaypics! Shame on me! I will post some during the weekend!



I just love getting mail! That's why I joined Postcrossing about a year ago.
Sometimes you don't receive anything for a couple of days and then you get a few cards at once.
And today I hit the Jackpot for this month!
4 cards from Postcrossing and 1 from a very dear friend.
The stamps are sometimes really beautiful.
Or (as on a small packet of old crotching yarn) funny and somewhat poetic.
This beautiful crotching yarn was also brought by the mailman, it's pretty old but it still has a beautiful shine to it!

If all this great mail wasn't enough I also found out that I won the giveaway over on Omstebeurt-een nieuw avontuur! Yay!!! Thank you so much Martine!

And this brings me back to my giveaway! Please leave your comment if you want to win!


G I V E A W A Y !!!

If you want to win a set of 5 postcards I made of some of my photos, then comment & tell me who do you want to send a postcard!

This giveaway will be open until august 28th and I will draw the winners (yes, that's right 2!!!) randomly the next day!

Good luck!


Een nieuw avontuur

Do you feel lucky & want to win this beautiful bag by La Marelle en Papier?
Then hop on over like a bunny to Een nieuw avontuur & enter their giveaway!!!



the handy tool for all your fixin’s

What a great find for boys who see a constructionsite in everything they see!



1. ., 2. The Butterfly Collector, 3. Untitled, 4. Leading ladies.


peach tartelette
7 years ago we shared our first kiss and altough it's not enough for a big party it did call for some (easy) baking!


Back home

Spend two great weeks in France at a beautiful house with the best view ever!
I will try and catch up with all in blogland!