Collection # 18

   small (vintage) games

some cards from the second game from
the left

And an update on my health; yesterday the doctor (finally) gave me a prescription for some good old antibiotics! Hopefully they help me to kick Mr. Flu out of this house!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments & well-wishes, I really appreciate them!



Collection # 17

        Rie Cramer mugs


Now back to bed, still sick.


Calling in

After the boys it's my turn to deal with Mr. Flu.
Will return a.s.a.p.


FFF # 25

1. cliché heart book, 2. Apple ❤ [Explore], 3. circles, 4. 351/365 Red Pastel

Have yourself a funny Valentines' weekend!



From Finland

Through Postcrossing I've discovered some great artists.
From Finland I present you:

Have a nice sunny day!

ps not from Finland, but check out this travelling circus by Handmade Romance, it's just wonderful!


Change of plans

Drop from the Seventy Tree

Due to a visit by mr. Flu, our weekendplans got changed. First J. got hit with high fevers & today little T. followed with feverish eyes but still very happily playing around.
Little Tweet from the Orange Farmhouse

The kids didn't feel like colouring, but I did! I took this from Siem & zo & made this when they were napping.
J. really liked it when I gave it to him.

J. wanted me to read him some stories from his favorite book:

Altough we didn't have a romantic dinner for two, we did have a weekend filled with lovingly taking care of our little ones.

Hope you had a good weekend without unwanted visitors like mr. Flu.

Have a nice week!




To brighten up this day:

* this great giveaway over at Puur Arnika
* found out this bird comes flying over from Orange Farmhouse     (thank you Maike!)
* love this valentines' owl card
* the latest edition of Flow-magazine just got delivered (yay!)
* found the sweetest little love garden
* got this bedspread in my head, little T. gets a bigger bed soon
* if you can't buy the template, maybe this could do the trick
* would love to try & make some heart doily shirts