FFF # 31

Congrats on a beautiful wedding!

Edit to add: ps little update on T.'s leg: he's got a new cast (purple, they were out of orange) & he may start walking on this cast after a week! On the 20th of may we have to be back in hospital to get the cast removed & everything should be okay by then! Yay! :)


A step back

First of all, thank you for your reactions & well wishes on the easter/breaking a leg post!

Dear T.,
Thankfully you're not in any pain & you have no problem sleeping!
With one leg in a cast you're not as mobile as you would like, but you've got it all figured out pretty fast:
just take a step back & crawl! 
let J. do the work & just enjoy the ride! 
you don't even mind getting back in the stroller!
"rijden mamma, rijden!"
because J. has 2 weeks off from school,
you get to go on some great trips!
Today daddy took you both to 

And to top it all off you got some
fun mail today! 
Thanks Siem for the great card & wonderful feathers!

Tomorrow we have to go back to the hospital for some x-rays & a new cast. I hope you can keep up your happy spirit & smile! I will be there every step of the way, don't worry about that!




Collection # 27

pieces of vintage childrens' china



Easterfun & a broken leg

Had a wonderful easterweekend! With a good breakfast & a traditional egghunt! Spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. 
Today we visited a farm, a big dairycompany organised an 'open farmday' & so we paid the cows a visit! 
Had fun jumping around. 
Sat on a bull. 
Checked out a new set of wheels. 
Cute little lambs.

Afterwards we made our way to Rotterdam & ended up here: Hotel New York. We had a wonderful lunch & the boys had fun on the little playground.
Check out this picture, look close. Do you see the little building on the left with the slope? Looks like somthing you can use as a slide, no? 

I just hopped inside to pay a visit to the ladiesroom & look at the wonderful interior.
When I got back outside my sweetheart looked disturbed with T. on his lap who was actually howling.
Little T. decided to climb up the slope (as his big brother & other kids did) & slid down, daddy did do some recordbreaking running but couldn't prevent T. from a crashlanding!
I called for ice to cool his ankle down, paid the check and off we went to the hospital.

Where we found out:
He fractured his shine- & splint-bone
just above his ankle.

Hope you all had a wonderful & safe easterweekend!

Have a great week!


FFF # 30

Happy Easterweekend!

FFF = Flickr Favorite Friday, every friday I make a mosaic with 4 of my Flickr Favorites.


These are the souvenirs we made in the museum:
the skipping ropes the boys made 
the clogboat dad made 
& the clogboat I made

I am so proud of what we made I just had to show! :)



Collection # 26

stones, pebbles
It's familything, my grandmother took pebbles home from places she visited, I do it & J. does it as well.
I have a couple of small piles in the house, pebbles from france, the beach & in this case from the Maasvlakte.



Another dutch sunday

Yesterday we took a trip up north to a very fun museum! You get a ticket & to enter the museum you get on a boat! The boys had a blast!
Just some pictures of the day:
making your own skipping rope is fun! 
altough J. is going to use his rope to tame a lion! 
ah, laundryday! 
a print & party store  
clean sheets 
a perfect spot for an afternoon nap!

Have a good week!


No words

I planned a blog about books I still have to read.
But then a dear friend texted me that some terrible headline news is leaving a very big void in his live.
This news made me speechless.



Collection # 25

vintage tins part 2
do you see the little girl
with her backpack? 
she carries your little needles
& pins!




~with a french accent:~ Let me introduce you to:
 Mimmi? Coco? Amelie? Miko?
Ah, she studied ballet for years ofcourse! ~end french accent~

Had a lot of fun making this Mikodesign doll (that I've won over on Kickcan & Conkers), it really is as easy as it seems! If you can sew a straight line & a curve, you can do it!
Still have to finish her bag & her own Tour d'Eiffel.

Have a beautiful week!


FFF # 29

Have a happy weekend!

FFF = Flickr Favorite Friday, every friday I make a mosaic with 4 of my Flickr Favorites.


Villa Augustus

So we had a great lunch at Villa Augustus! 
Loved the interior! 
Many things to see. 
Found a poem. 
Walked around the garden,
not a lot a greens yet. 
And we didn't come home empty handed.
Not in the picture are 2 books for
our boys & some more cards.

So why did my sweetheart (who, by the way, is the father of my children, just so you know :)) take me out to lunch?
Well, it's actually still a little secret, but hey, you're not gonna tell anyone, are you?
Today we took the first step to our wedding later this year! Yay!



Collection # 24

feathers, thanks to my sons


ps yay, tomorrow my sweetheart takes me to Villa Augustus for lunch!


A winner & some random stuff

First thank you all for playing & the eggmasks go to:
number 9! Thank you Random number generator!
Mireille please email me your address at saskia.vanderzee at yahoo.com. 

Just some more random stuff:
Some beautiful cards above my desk. 
T. got this cute book for his birthday. 
Made the bunting from Hippe Kippe by Jurianne Matter. 
Bought this cotton at the Brei- en Haakdagen
at the stand of Wollyhood. 
And these Habu cones at Blossomfibers,
a teeny-tiny pair of scissors & plastic needles
Got some sweet little vases at the supermarket
& made a little arrangement for Ingrid.
Thinking of you.
Started cutting the doll. 
Got hooked on this knitting!

Meanwhile listening to this beautiful song: