And so I got the flu, after a week of feeling really bad the doc said: no wait, it's pneumonia with a serious case of sinusitis!
I stayed in bed for 2 weeks, today I had my first real day of being 'up'!
I have followed some blogs the last weeks and I had made a list of things to do as soon as I get my normal way of breathing back :)!
I hope you all had a nice weekend!



A bit late I guess, but it's never too late to make a resolution or set a new goal for yourself!
And so for now I have decided to try and live more in the present and stop looking back & stop the constant thinking and actually do more!
In short: relax & let go!

On a more practical note: we're going to eat less meat! It took me a bit to get my sweetheart to admit to this one, but after a few articles about meat & the climat, he gave in!

I am curious: did you make a list with resolutions for this year? So far, so good or are you having a hard time trying to come up to them?

By the way: if you want to help Haïti, check out Fröken Skicklig for more crafty help voor Haïti check this out!xoxox


Monday again?

Yes, it's monday again & still it's freezing cold, so it's a perfect day for some crafting! I have a huge collection of buttons and I went through it to find some nice blue ones, added some red embroidery silk, took my hotglue gun & magnets. This is the result:

I am not the first one out there to have this idea & I can't find out if/where I have seen it before. So if you have done it, tell me and I make a link. Thank you!

Happy monday!


The good mother

I am probably not the only mother out there that wonders: Am I a good mother?


Happy monday!

Goodmorning & happy monday to you!
It was very difficult to actually get back in the day-to-day-routine this first monday of 2010. The children are sleeping in and I had to wake them up, because the holiday is over and J. really has to go to school!
So we're back to the running up & down to and from school! The year has really actually started now!