The beach

We could have gone & visit the park to listen to some great music but we decided on a day at the beach!

Just chillin' on the beach... for I guess a minute then he returned to running in the breakers with his brother.

I started a new collection: sea urchins. I sat down in a small puddle of water gathering the small remains of the urchins & some little shells. Soon I was surrounded by 5 girls asking what I was looking for and before I knew it they were helping me with my quest!

"What are you going to do with these urchins", asked one of the little ladies. Well this:
The beginning of a small necklace

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!



And summer is off to a very good start!
I hope we will have some more lovely weather coming!
Happy summer everybody!


Happy fathersday!

After all the handmade gifts in the morning, we had a french breakfast and then we went to the Gemeentemuseum to see if daddies brandnew Museumkaart would actually work. We visited the Wonderkamers & had lots of fun making music with all the funny instruments.

Enjoyed a little run outside.

And took a closer look at the exhibition of The ugly duckling by Theo van Hoytema.

Happy fathersday to all you wonderful daddies outthere!]



Can't judge a book by its cover

Nope. But just look at these covers!

I went thriftstore shopping today, looking for some inspiration & I found some great books & to be honest I just fell for the covers! In one book there was a little card & an old newspaper clipping, two other books had beautiful ex libris-ses.
I really can't imagine e-reading taking over from paper books! Can you?


Ps. our little man is doing great, he doesn't need his meds anymore & is back to his happy little self! Thank you all for your comments!


To all the little ones outthere

Please do not eat & try to take a big breath of air through your mouth at the same time! It scares the living daylights out of your mom & dad (and brothers & sisters)!

Our little man did just that sunday afternoon & we went to the emergency room at the nearest hospital just to be taken to the childrens' hospital by ambulance. He went in to the operating-room in the evening to get his lungs cleared. He had to stay in hospital so the doctors could keep an eye on how his respiratory system got back on track with the use of some heavy meds... I got a bed next to his & we had our little camp out together.

This afternoon we got back home & there was finally some time for me to cry...
This was some serious scary shit...