Countdown in progress

little homemade movie 2010

While parts of our world are already in the new year,
I want to thank you for your visits, comments & inspiration!
I wish you & your loved ones
all the best for the NEW YEAR!



Thriftstore finds & more

Yesterday I visited Delft to do some shopping at the big blue & yellow store and a visit to the old citycentre for some more shopping.

At the local thriftstore I bought these:

I actually needed to buy frames at Ikea, but I forgot the list with measurements... So I bought these:
And some magazine holders :)...

Oh and do you know those people who always find great stuff on the sidewalk? I never find anything amongst other peoples garbage, but 2 weeks ago in the snow I found this:
I will show you the afterpicture as soon as I get it done!




What to do

When the tree is gone? That was what I was thinking last week.
And so I visited Etsy once more after I found out that Annemarie had opened up an Etsyshop! I love bunting & she makes some great heartshaped ones!
Today I received this:
Now I can't wait to get the tree out of the house & put this garland up! :)
And although it's a bit dangerous with 3 cats & all, I couldn't resist this little one:


Got my work

Cut out for me I guess. Everybody has their own tradition the last days of the year.
I always try to declutter the house, so we enter the new year fresh & clean.
I have a huge pile of magazines & I decided to flip through them, rip/cut out recipes, interesting articles, patterns or just pretty pictures file those & throw away what's left...
Let's just hope I'll finish before 2012 ;)!

For more end-of-the-year-traditions check out: Puur Arnika or Fröken Skicklig.

Do you do something special between christmas & new years eve?



Christmas days

Due to the weather we had a change of plans. We were supposed to go & visit my inlaws in the east of the Netherlands, too bad the weather turned unpredictable with snow & ice.
So we made ourselves comfortable & had a little party at home.
more decorations
made some cookies together
 in the afternoon the snow came
followed by a fever for little T.
what is that with children, or my children,
why do they tend to get sick during holidays?

so today was another comfy & warm day indoors 
with tea, reading, knitting, more cookies
some unexpected guests at the stable :)!

Hope you enjoyed your days!



The shortest day

And so I light a candle early.
The light will return soon.

Happy winter & keep warm!



Hope you're having snowfun as well!
Keep warm!


The weather outside

The weather outside is frightful, the best place to hide is a warm & cosy bed with a nice cup of tea!
Remember the dollblanket I was working on?

Keep warm!




Unwrapping can be difficult, especially when a gift is as beautifully wrapped as the gifts I received today!
Thank you so very much Kristy for your beautiful handwork, I am overwhelmed, thank you!

J. found a great spot in our tree for the ornament!



Our tree

This year our tree is big, very hard to take a decent picture of & it leans sideways, but we like it that way! :)
Some ornaments:

a very happy angel
christmas boy
a reindeer trying to escape the tree
a winterwonder girl
a beautiful gift

And so I present you our tree:

Have a wonderful week!


FFF # 17

1. christmas globes, 2. Christmas girl, 3. merry christmas..., 4. Keep calm its only christmas!

We'll be buying & decorating the tree this weekend!

Have a happy weekend!


Knitting & sewing

Completly lost my knitting-mojo, but this is a quick fix, knitting a little blanket for a doll bed, with a fabric backing.



While little T. is taking his nap (he came down with a fever yesterday, so it's just the 2 of us today), I am taking my time reading my favorite blogs & enjoying a nice cup of tea. Join me?

- first help yourself to a cookie, this one will taste good with every kind of cup you'll like to drink baked by Rosa Rood!

- Made by Joel hosts a great giveaway

- at the Orange Farmhouse you can win a felttoy & a pincushion & learn about the fairtrade business from Esgii

- at Bloesem you can enjoy christmasdecorations from all over the world (and send in your own!)

- over at Fröken Skicklig you can find a sweet magic box tutorial

- still looking for a funny gift for your father/brother/boyfriend/husband? Check out dippylulu's Etsy shop, these matchboxes are hilarious!

- when you've got the time, visit Turning Pages she shows some great finds!

- I bet you already know the illustrations of Maia of Une Envie de sel but now she makes beautiful artdolls as well!

Keep warm!

Collection # 7

Folding rulers



Couldn't resist

Every year on the 6th of december, when Saint Nicolas has left, I put stars in our window.
Usually that's all the christmasdecoration I do for at least a week. It has probably something to do with my calvinistic upbringing ;)!
But this year I couldn't resist the little happy box that was next to the stars...
Thanks L. for this happy bunch! ;)

Do you already bring out all the christmasdecorations or do you take it slow as well?

Happy monday & happy decorating to you!


FFF # 16

1. IMG_9180, 2. All Frozen Fence Friday, 3. The Feast of St. Nicholas or Sinterklaas, 4. ...

Here in the Netherlands we are going to celebrate Saint Nicolas' birthday with hot cocoa, pepernoten & presents!
I wish you all a very happy weekend!


Collection # 6

Postcards with children's book illustrations



Busy being busy

And again I am on this steamtrain heading towards the end of the year, it's no use fighting it so I am just going through the motions. Decorating J.'s school, making a gift for T. at kindergarten, shopping, filling shoes, trying to read all your blogs, knitting, going to the office, visiting a schoolmeeting & coming to the conclusion I just don't have the energy to do it all.
And so I just sit on the couch with a cup of tea & enjoy this season of fun, friendship, warmth & happy kids!

Happy monday!