Random flowers




plate by Hema

fresh violas on the balcony

they smell so good: lathyrus

And one plant, I bought myself last monday:

as it's called overhere



Off he went

To school!  

Excitement all over the place. We almost slept in due to summertime, but we made it to school in time!
T. was happy to find his own drawer & his own hook for his coat.
Saying goodbye as if he had done this whole school thing millions of times before. Bye-bye!
As I walked home I swalled some tears & back home I did a little crying.

And now I am going to enjoy a quiet morning coffee!

Happy monday to you!


Random acts of kindness

sweet mail full of encouragement from 

 a beautiful book from this generous lady

surprise: an amazing magazine 
from the 70's about 
how to spend your freetime
from Martine

flowers from my next-door neighbour
another great book, this one got send 
(little ♥ sheep paperclip from Siem) 
macarons from my husband ♥

During my break I received some gifts!
Thank you all for your beautiful words & generosity!



To work

The first day of spring & I had to work. 

With such beautiful sunlight I just got out a few stops earlier to take some photo's & try to look at the familiar places from a different point of view:

the provincial flags

the Hofvijver (court pond) with in the 
background Het Binnenhof 

plaque on the so called Pagehuis

Gonna be late for work! 



Happy monday!

Hello & happy monday to you!

I just realised next week he will start in school! *shock

So I wanted to record this moment: the last monday just the 2 of us:

Happy new week!



As promised

A small break from my blogbreak!
Today we went down to the camping where our recently bought caravan was parked, to pick it up to be stalled near our house! Yay!

As promised some photo's, but with a warning: we haven't done any redecorating, cleaning etc...

- happy camper nr. 1 taking you on the grand 
tour through the caravan

- straight from the door to the pinky pillow 
(that soon after this shot got dumped)

- look from the door to the right
(yes all that stuff came with the caravan)

- happy camper nr. 2 in the bathroom-area
(soon to be an extra closet)

and it has a name! 
Mazzeltje = Bit of luck

What's not in the picture: the dark navyblue, synthetic curtains. I ripped them off as soon as I got through the door... brrrr!

At the end of april we are going for a test-holiday-week with our Bit of luck! Lot's of sewing in the meantime!

Have a beautiful new week!

Ps Thank you for all your sweet comments regarding my break! I missed you lots, but it's great not to constantly think: is this something to blog about? :)

I will start blogging regularly soon!