Busy being busy

And again I am on this steamtrain heading towards the end of the year, it's no use fighting it so I am just going through the motions. Decorating J.'s school, making a gift for T. at kindergarten, shopping, filling shoes, trying to read all your blogs, knitting, going to the office, visiting a schoolmeeting & coming to the conclusion I just don't have the energy to do it all.
And so I just sit on the couch with a cup of tea & enjoy this season of fun, friendship, warmth & happy kids!

Happy monday!


FFF # 15

Thanks to Google: Happy birthday Pippi!

Happy weekend! Let's hope we'll have some snow!


Collection # 5

vintage darning-wool on cards



Collection # 4

     Carpenter's pencils


Made snow

Our window is used by me to 'express the seasons' so to speak... In spring there was a branch with birds, in fall the spidersweb & now I made snow!
Some vintage doilies, starch & thread.



Enjoying our sunday with
baking apfelkuche (thanks Maren!)
making snow
looking at the lights
* flipping through Perceel nr. 235 (o how i wish we had a garden)
* playing with Lego
* reading Kabouter Roodbaard to the kids (my mother used to read this to me, she brought the books with her last week)
* and lots of tea & hot cocoa!

Hope you enjoyed your sunday as well!


FFF # 13

1. 36, 2. 36, 3. 36, 4. 36, 5. Circle 36, 6. SASK 1926 passenger plate number 36, 7. 36 - Street Number, Gaucin,Spain (crop), 8. 36, 9. 36

Yesterday I changed my annual number, today I am trying to make friends with it :)!

Have a great weekend!

Collection # 3

Vintage tins.



Just so you know

Apparently we are stuck in this rythm, monday & tuesday I am at home, wednesday, thursday & friday I work in an office and daddy stays at home on thursdays.
But this week, due to some boring stuff, I switched days, so today I worked and my sweetheart stayed at home.
Everybody got kicked out of balance by this! Little T. was pretty stubborn this morning when I was getting busy to get out of the door & on my way, he pointed out that daddy needed to go, not mommy... And J. wondered where I was all day when I came home.
Also my blog gets a bit off-balance by this big change in events this week ;)!
See you soon!



Sweet sunday

I entered a giveaway at Ballee & was one of the winners! Yay! Yesterday a package arrived filled with great stuff! Look!
Buttons & handspun!!!
Check out the Ballee store at Etsy!

If your living in the Randstad area & you want to go outside this afternoon:
* pay a visit to Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, they are protesting against cutting their budget & so today you can pay a visit without paying! Sign their petition!
* go to the Sundaymarket in Amsterdam & visit the stand of Zelfgebakken & get yourself a Cake in a Jar!

Have great sunday!


My creative space

For more creative spaces please visit Kootoyoo!

And for more stone crocheting inspiration visit Resurrection Fern!


Collection # 2

Collection # 2 (some) vintage, (some) french bowls


What a grey(t) day!

Oh my, just looking outside made me want to hide under the blankets! It's a grey autumn day here! Thankfully my superhero rang my doorbell & with a smile he presented me a parcel & a magazine!

Yay, thank you for making my day less grey Rosa Rood & Flow!
For more magazinefun check out Gifted-magazine!



So yesterday I went fishing, I guess this one's a herring.

Recently I checked my Etsy favorites & discovered that one of my favorite shops was having an update that same evening! And so I helped Sinterklaas a bit :)!
While waiting for my package to arrive, I paid a long visit to her great blog & discovered her tutorials. Thank you resurrection fern for you great tutorials & inspiration!
Happy monday & happy november!