Home sweet home

Love me some vintage & apart from the thriftstore there are some amazing webshops out there selling seriously good stuff!
I spotted Diversitijd some time ago over on Twitter (of all places)!

Villa d'esta was hosting a giveaway, she gave a chance to win this cute stool from Diversitijd!

Guess what? I won it! 
And today Rianne (owner of Diversitijd) was so sweet to bring it to my doorstep! Yay!

I am going to put it in J.s' room, together with that vintage clamp-lamp it's the perfect nightstand. 



Blessed week 4

This week a I felt lousy due to a cold, not sick but not happily healthy. 

I got happy because of:

- blossom on the branches indoors

- the teatowels Vervlogen Dagen made me
translation: ~everything comes to an end~

- this sign we spotted on the 
very wintery walk we made 
today at De Horsten

- J. telling me he has a crush on a girl in his class aaah first love

- my grandtour through Pinterest discovering all these amazing photo's

- My sweetheart making pancakes for dinner as I type this! Mmmmh-mmmmh!

Have a beautiful new week!
Do keep warm!

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Laughter is the sun that drives


winter from the human face

~ Victor Hugo ~

The weather forecast for this coming week: minus 15 celcius...

Keep warm!


Random photo

 (our british shorthair male)
taking it easy



Blessings week 3

The week started with beautiful sunny weather, no Blue Monday-troubles here!

What made me happy this week:

- flowers

- more fresh flowers (I ♥ tulips)

- some shopping for the (still to find) caravan
(apples-cuttingboards from Zeeman
 found via By Björ)

- went to the theater, on my own, to see
a play about Napoleon.
 Last minute decision,
very cheap ticket (because of a pillar to my left),
turned out to be premiere evening!
It was a beautiful & funny play, should
go to the theater more often...

Today we're enjoying a lazy sunday with tea, magazines, lego, trains & coloring books!

Have a great new week!

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Little yellow flower

So happy to have finally found craspedia-flowers! I have searched for them in almost every flowershop around here, but nope, no craspedia... And that's actually pretty strange, it's a very populair flower in blogland & the magazines.

The flowerstall on the market actually brought them today especially for me from the flower auction, yay!

Now you know why you're gonna see them often the coming weeks! :)





Made some decorations with maskingtape, ironing beads, origamipaper & neonthread.

Just to chase the Blue Monday-feeling away, actually I didn't need to do it, the sun beat me to it! :)
We had a very beautiful day, blue skies & a crispy, fresh air!

Happy monday!



Blessings week 2

The first week of school & back in 'the rhythm'.
What made me smile:

seeing the earlymorning moon

J. picking up the camera,
 making lots of pictures & even a selfportrait

walking from the tramstop to work

realising 'my' office is in a very beautiful 'street'

spotting these 2 in the backyard of our neighbours

going for a walk after our (non-succesful)
 hunt for a caravan

And after spotting this website I guess camping could be fun! :)

Have a great new week & don't let Blue Monday get to you!


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Flickr Favorite Friday

“Don't go around saying the world owes you a living;

the world owes you nothing;

it was here first”

Have a good weekend!

Once-in-a-lifetime-pictures by André Kuipers from the ISS.


Random wednesday

I didn't make any new year's resolutions but I did make a Love List for myself where I put in more balance & yoga.
So I started a meditationcourse at the yogaschool this week & I got back to yogaclass as well.

I got these wonderful yogacards a few years back as a birthdaygift from a dear friend E. & so J. wanted to do yoga with me on & off, lately not. But yesterday when I asked him what shall we do on your free wednesdayafternoon, he asked for yoga. Don't make a big deal out of it, it usually lasts for about 10 minutes... :) But we have fun together & T. also puts his best tree in as well!

And when all else fails finding our inner balance on these grey wednesdayafternoons, we always have this:


Random Wednesday, I will place random photo's, facts, links ect., do hope you'll like it!)



up close

proud owner hiding


Started knitting on this blanket in april & at christmas I decided I had to finish it a.s.a.p., so I did! Yay!
Now you know what I've been doing instead of reading your blog... :)


ps Drops Paris (cotton) bought at Wollyhood



We had a relaxed week, no school, lots of Lego, games & movies. The week got it's mark due to the weather. A big storm & rain made that parts of the Netherlands actually got flooded!

What made me smile this week:

- a beautiful coloured sky

- fresh bunch of tulips

 And today we visited Naturalis in Leiden, where the boys made their own 'collection-jar':

- T. had a conversation with a rhino

and I saw the sunlight coming back!

The coming week we go back to our regular school-rhythmn, yay!

Have a beautiful week!


Collection # 50 ~ the last one ~

- a selection of coloured buttons

And this is the last of my collections! Hope you have enjoyed them!
Next week I will start a new weekly item, still clueless though.



Blessings # 17

We had a very relaxed last week week of 2011.
We went out to see Puss in boots, a great movie but I enjoyed to excitement of the boys way more!
On the last day of the year we visited Ikea to buy a frame for the beautiful poster of the moon I bought a few weeks ago at Een nieuw avontuur & ofcourse we always bring back a lot more than we went out for, like the birdtray... for example.

What made me smile:

-framed wrappingpaper from Babongo,
little light-house from Restored

- Poster Für Neil, birdtray & frame Ikea,

- Christmascard from Mireille & new years' card
 from Boomerang

- making a lovelist & putting the 
new Flow-calender together

And luckily 2012 started as relaxed as 2011 ended! With a walk on the beach to start the year with red cheeks & fresh air!

Today we cleared the house from all things christmas & filled in the new planning for this year with some nice plans!

Have a great new week!

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