From the book 500 Frans-Nederlandse woorden
by Alain Grée

We're going to explore Limburg this coming week & we're exploring this whole camping thing! Please keep your fingers crossed for the weather... :) 

For everybody in the Netherlands have a great Koninginnedag tomorrow, wish you all great treasurehunt on the vrijmarkt!





While I was busy sewing, the mailman delivered an envelope from Buiten de Lijntjes:

And now the question: sew or not sew? Please let me know!

Have a great weekend!



Loose ends

Still busy but it's just loose ends here & there. Couch is done & today I will finish the curtains, but oh my I really don't like hemming...

In between all that sewing stuff I decided to turn this crocheting into a pillow, just a bit of binding off & I took a pillowcase from the Hema & an easy stitch to bind it all together. 
Put the loose ends out for the birds who are busy building nests around here.

Now back to the sewingmachine!


Sentimental Journey

Well kind off! Years ago friend R. & I made a cartrip together for a day out with colleagues out on the IJssellake & we decided to do that cartrip again. So yesterday we got in his Citroën DS & went up north, to bad the weather was grey & wet.

We visited Marken, Volendam, Durgerdam, De Rijp & a bunch of other tiny towns in Noord-Holland.

And now it's back to the sewing machine for me! :)

Have a great weekend!


Random wednesday

Bensimon sneakers for the boys

tiny addition to the deer collection

wednesday-afternoon-floor & friend

our artwall reaching the ceiling

my space, well part of it

Our wednesday started with a school charity run! Both the boys did very well, T. ran 6 rounds (appr. 250 meters per round) & J. put in 10 rounds! I had the task of cheering them on & serving all the schoolkids water during the run! It was actually pretty cold out & I'm still feeling chilly, so on to a big cup of tea!

Happy wednesday!



I am actually halfway, finished 2 of the 4 pillows! 

My biggest problem is that I have everything already finished, in my head that is, I still need to make 7 curtains as well.
The other problem is that there's not a pattern to use, I just fold, pin, sew & hope for the best.
For inspiration & encouragement I visited Artemi's site a few times. 

the fabric of choice, sturdy & darkgrey

Cobus is happy that I am finally
getting my Singer out of its' bag

keeping in mind: everything is better
than this fabric, isn't it?

And just one more of my sweet companion in his bag:

Have a beautiful new week!


Lucky friday

The 13th! There was a sweet gift delivered by the mailman! 
I was the lucky girl who received the 'consolation prize' over on Puur Arnika's blog!

art on the envelope & this cute little deer

beautiful card, vintage buttons & 
2 hair clips

and some good advice*, just in time 
for the big sewing-weekend!

Thank you Arnika!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

*Translation: If you are reluctant (to start something),
start with a small goal/thing is always better
than to wait untill you're ready for
the bigger goal/thing! 

If your friday wasn't that lucky & you're in need of some instant-smile, look here!


Random inspiration

Goodmorning! Started this morning with coffee & inspiration for the caravan

caravan inspiration...

bought 3 coupons of fabric at 
Ikea, € 1,-- each

I really fell in love with this stove

booklet from Gezinnig, parachutist & fruity-jar 
by AH, donkey from LangZalZeLeven, towel by 
H&M Home & wooden box from Ikea

Caravan (cooking) inspiration from this book!

Eastermonday I dusted off my sewingmachine & started making some pillows for the caravan. It was actually an excercise for the real big job of reupholstering the couch (of the caravan that is)... Why do caravan factories always use such horrible fabric? 

Are you already busy making plan for your summervacation? 
Never thought I would say this, but I am actually looking forward to the whole camping experience!

Have a great wednesday!


Random Easter

Hyvää Pääsiäistä! Joyeuses Pâques! God påske! Frohe Ostern! Selamat Paskah! Καλό πάσχα! Buona Pasqua! Христос воскресе! ¡Felices Pascuas! Glad Påsk! Prospera Pascha sit! Gleðilega páska! Áldott Húsvétot kívánok! Geseënde Paasfees! 复活节快乐
Happy Easter! חג פסחא שמח

Vrolijk Paasfeest!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!




treated his schoolfriends to 

On this 04-04 he turned 4!
He had a blast today! Celebrating his 4th birthday in school & playing all afternoon with his gifts & his brother. 
Getting an unexpected visit from our sweet neighbours who brought a great gift (more Lego 4+)!
With the saying goodbye to kindergarten, going to school, the easterpreparations we kept it low profile today.
This coming weekend we will celebrate his birthday with family & friends, so we'll keeping the bunting up!

When I put him in bed he asked me: am I 4 again tomorrow? ♥ 

so very much the



Weekend pics

baking with J. from the book

beautiful poster from Society6

our little herb-garden

quick visit to the beach

preparations for T.'s farewell party
at kindergarten

We visited Ikea for some caravan stuff, fabric for the couch & curtains & some solarlamps. Picked up the herbs as well.
Baking with J. & a little help from T., who is pretty good with sugar, eating that is.
Luckily we had some time to enjoy the beach, too bad we weren't there that long, T. fell over and was soaking wet! :)
Making T.s' farewell card for kindergarten, the idea looked simple but strangely it's still a lot of work.

Have a great new week!