The winner is...

Congrats! Send an email to saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo.com
with your address & I will
ship the hangers to you!
Thank you all for playing!
Have a wonderful weekend!



Cobus in the catbasket from Hema
tiny embroidered kitty from Jeetje

cat-button from Mijnes/Hebbuh
Yesterday was not the best day of the month, but thanks to a dear friend who accompanied me to the shelter, your comments & all the sweet messages on Twitter I managed to do what is best for the cat, Cobus & the children.
Yesterday & today I got surprised by some very sweet mail! Thank you Jeetje & Mijnes it really means a lot to me. =^.^=


Manic monday

It was a manic monday today, with running back & forth between school, grocery store, sport (J's), a picnic (T's) & the post office.
Skipped the library... But I did manage to get myself some flowers!

And I could use a tiny pick me up.
Saturday we went to the animalshelter to pick up a feline friend for Cobus. Tonight we had to make a tough decision because she seems to be a (very) sick kitty... :(


I can only hope the rest of this week will get better!


Old skool disposable

Gave the boys their own disposable camera when we were in France.
Some of the pictures we're not even sure where they were taken but other pictures have an almost lomo like result! :)

This year I couldn't find the right cassette for my Polaroid project, I ended up with a black & white cassette (just 100 ASA...).
I can tell you that just doesn't do the trick for me. One big greyish blur, that's what I got & that's just not enough for the huge amount of money that cassette cost me.
So I guess next year I will get myself a cheap disposable camera as well!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Random giveaway

I am giving away these hangers from Hookie!

If you want a chance to win this set,
 please leave a comment below.
I will announce the winner on
friday 31st of august.
Good luck!


The Sweatshop

Some photo's from our visit to The Sweatshop.

The boys had an amazing time! J. actually went for it, fell a couple of times, didn't cry, stood back up & on he went! T. had fun just sitting on his board & going down the little ramp!
I had fun as well with all that industrial 'design' around!

Have a great weekend!



Just some peaceful photo's.

I am taking the boys to the Sweatshop as I promised & with the warm weather we are having over here it probably will live op to its' name! ;)

Meanwhile I am hearing Björk in my head.

Have a great day!



And sometimes it really is.

Just one week till school begins and J. & T. are at the point of being completly fed up with each other & their parents.
I don't blame them but it also means all hands on deck for me in keeping the peace & thinking of fun things to do.

So that's why you probably won't see me much around the internets!

Have a great week!


Paper love

A one year anniversary stands for either cotton or paper, we went for paper. This is what he gave me:

We'll celebrate by going to the beach for some sun & sand and for dinner at sun set.

Have a wonderful day!



Last week our car arrived from France & so I could retrieve the last thrifted items: a mirror (it made it here in one piece!), a lettertray shaped like a house & last but not least a Hermes Baby Typewriter.
Today I had some time to clean it & give it some fresh ink-ribbon.

It doesn't have a QWERTY-keyboard, I guess that's because of the french accents that needed a place on the keyboard as well.
But the biggest surprise has to be the beautiful font!
I am sure I am going to enjoy making little notes on it!



Favorite 5

From Store Without A Home (SWAH):

Store Without A Home has found a home: Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam so if you are in the neighbourhood do hop in.
If your not in the Amsterdam-area, SWAH has a webshop ofcourse. :)


ps. No I am not getting paid or bribed to place this post!


The Letters Project

I have been sending postcards via Postcrossing for awhile and I loved reading the little stories people send me, but I wanted more,I wanted to write more.
So I send her an email if we could exchance letters.

But why not start a similair letterproject of my own?

Today I started a second blog titled
Let's Write The Letters Project.

So here's the deal: if you want to write and receive
a letter send me an email at
saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com .

Have a great new week!


Random souvenirs

Thrift treasures:
a little lady

2 japanese gentlemen

New bought treasures:
soap & body cream

food (♥ the packaging)
30 messages to get more zen

Found treasures: 
this is just a small portion...

For my postcards from France project I have searched for some fun/quirky/kitsch cards but too bad the assortment in the area was the touristic type.
One of the last days we visited Port Louis & there she was in her beautiful robe with her sweet amant!

So for you all a card from Britanny:

Wondering what you bring home from your summerbreak...




Love you!