A good year

2012 was a good year, no complaints there but 2013 has already so much to look forward to:

▲ In 2013 I am going to work more hours in the office. 29 instead of 24!
▲ I am actually getting a whole different kind of job... yay!
▲ I am starting again with running now my knee feels a lot better.
▲ Getting a new phone. finally an Apple ;)
▲ Going to the IJhallen to sell lots of stuff.

Wish you all a wonderful new years' eve & marvelous 2013!
Make it work okay?!



Merry Christmas

We are having a relaxed kind of christmas as usual, tonight (if it isn't raining) we'll visit 'kaarsjesavond' in Voorburg followed by dinner with a festive touch at home.
Tomorrow we're heading east to visit the inlaws for a christmasdinner with soto.
And the second day of christmas we're at home, just the 4 of us.
I hope you all have a merry christmas filled with love,
warmth & happiness!


Random rambling

Sometimes the day starts on a certain mood, due to ugly-kind-of-phonecalls one has to make regarding echoes from the past.
Too bad the feeling stuck with me today, so I am treating myself to lots of cuddles, tea, music & some pottering about.
It's strange how things can drain you from all your energy in just such a short time...

Just 2 more working days until christmas break, the boys are really looking forward to that & I can't wait either!


Count your blessings

christmastree from Wood & Wool 

new additions to my Rörstrand collection 

and another addition  :)

thriftstore finds 

waking up with Sjaan photo made with phone
Our house is in complete christmas-decor. Today the boys decorated the tree & I put the scrapwood-tree at our diningtable.
I received an email from a sweet lady who spotted my love for Rörstrand-china, she was selling some beautiful pieces on Marktplaats and she thought I might be interested... Oh yes! 
Found a tiny japanese lady & a vase with a hole at the thrifstore for a total of € 0,70! 
Love to wake up in the morning a be greeted by Sjaan.
But ofcourse the biggest blessing has to be to live in a country where you can't just carry a gun around. Ofcourse things go wrong here as well but not as fast & easy as in Newton this week.
My thoughts go out to all the victims & their relatives.
Have a save new week!
Keep warm!


It feels like

illustration by Sato Kanae via Design Work Life

Hibernating I guess. It's all a bit slow around my blog. 'Busy' enjoying cold weather, friends, hot chocolate & cozy days with the kids at home. Watching Kerst met Linus, again!
Hope you're enjoying the days before christmas as well.

Keep warm!


Count your blessings

Haven't been around my blog much this week but I had a great week!
On monday my birthday-gift arrived:
And although the light has been terrible all week I did practice a bit!

Most of my spare time this week I spend putting stuff in boxes. I booked a stall at the IJhallen Amsterdam, for the big fleamarket me & my dear friend are attending, the first saturday of february. Really looking forward to that!

We had a relaxed Sinterklaas-celebration on wednesday-afternoon. The boys were very excited to get a letter from the Saint telling them where the gifts were. Love seeing the magic of it all in their eyes.

Had an 'end-off-the-year-dinner' with the colleagues from my office-job, we went for sushi & teppan yaki at Benkei.

Yesterday my friend & her son came over. We had a spontaneous burrito-dinner, love these kind of get-togethers! 
She also brought some christmas to our house:

For more blessings visit Anki at Zilverblauw.

Have a beautiful new week!

Ps my new camera is a Canon EOS 550D which came with two lenses, a 18-55 mm and a 75-300 mm.


LAST WINNER Monday Giveaway Marathon

And the winner of the Hikjes in Huis giveaway is:
Congrats! Please send me an email with your adress at saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com
Thank you all for entering & a big thank you to the shops 
for this giveaway-fun on monday!!!
Have a great new week!

Ps some shameless selfpromotion but I've put some stuff up on Marktplaats! *click


Count your blessings

This weeks blessing really has to be all about my friend.
Years ago my (not yet) husband & I bought a 70+ years old house with lots of potential & features (like stain-glass windows!). We had plans on renovating, painting & decorating but pretty soon after we moved in we found out I was pregnant, my husband is not a great DIY'er & everything came to a stand still.
To compensate I bought stuff to make our house our home. A few months back I decided it was enough, our home was slowely taken over by stuff. I did some cleaning out but pretty much got stuck.
And here's where  my dear friend came in, looked around, didn't judge & gave my a hand to pull me out. And not just by saying: you should do this or that, no she is really helping me to turn things around!

Today she painted the livingroom wall in this beautiful color & we made a start in deciding what to let go & what to keep, filling boxes for the fleamarket
Thank you so much dear 'Buuf' you really mean the world to me!


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