Bye bye!

But not before you have seen our extra passenger:

picture by Siem & zo

T. gets to take this little stripey bear in his suitcase to France thanks to Siem & zo! Dank je Siem!!!

Oh and keep your eye on the Faces in Places blog, apparently my windmill face will get posted soon!

This will be our last holiday in a cotagge/house/civilisation because next year we will go out & taste freedom with a so called vouwwagen... yay!!! ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful summer filled with sunshine & happy days! Hope to 'see' you all again in august!

Bye bye!


Holiday tradition

When I was a kid I spend a lot of holidays with my brother over at my grandparents. My grandfather had a Polaroid camera.


Magical thing a Polaroid camera, I got a new one as a farewell present from a job in 2003.
Our first holiday together we started a tradition: a Polaroid a day. We had fun together deciding if a certain moment would be worthy to become a Polaroid!

And so when we got on our first holiday with J. we continued with this tradition!

But Polaroid stopped producing film & our little tradition went under with it.
But thanks to The Impossible Project we are back on track for this upcoming holiday! Last year I was too late ordering film, but this year I had a note in my agenda:




Back online!

Yay! The computerdoctor fixed our little computer & finally I am able to post again! Thank you all for your comments & visits during my out-of-order-time.

First things first: I won a giveaway over at The Round Robin Notebook a project from Puur Arnika!

Surprise bundle... 
Look! Knoopjes!  
Love her handmade pendants!

I have missed my daily computer routine & reading all your blogs! I did sneak in some blogtime over at the office & used my smartphone to stay updated on most of my favorite reads.

For the rest of the time we have been busy saying goodbye to school & getting ready for our 2 week holiday in France.
And by getting ready I mean cleaning & tyding up our house... I can't be the only mother in the world who loves to come back to a clean, clear & fresh house?
Or am I? :)

Have a wonderful weekend!