Collection # 35

pull along toys made of wood

happy face



Taking granny to the max

Remember this little square? I thought I was going to make a beautiful blanket with, well hundreds of squares!
And then it hit me, I had to sew all those squares together... The more I thought about, the less I liked the idea.

I examined other ways to make a crocheted blanket, but I still came back to the granny squares...
So I decided to follow this lead & take granny to the max!

So much fun to do this during lunchtime or when I am sitting with the kids at the playground or in the evening sitting in front of television!

Too bad for the granny I spotted a great little number to knit & my hands are itching to make it! I'll make it as a gift for someone so I will show as soon as it is finished & given!

What's on your hands these days?


Ps: if you have some leftover yarn & you love to make grannysquares & help a good cause ~ hop on over to Annemarie's Breiblog where you find out how to help the people of Somalia!


Count your blessings # 1

It's a good thing to stop & smell the roses at least once a week. Think of all the things that made me happy the past week.
So I join Anki's project & count my blessings!

- very happy to have a considered boss who thinks it's absolutely okay to take my wednesdayafternoons off from work (for a couple of weeks) because J. is very tired with the start of this new schoolyear

- very proud to hear J. spell out newly learned words like: ik ~ vis ~ roos ~ maan ~ pen ~

- had fun at the Visserijdagen in Harlingen, my hometown, for as long as the sun was out that is :). Enjoyed the fair with the boys & eat fresh cooked mussels

- found this tin toy ladybug at the tiny fleamarket in Harlingen for only 0,50 eurocents

- very happily eating a whole Fryske Sûkerbôle!

- the weather made me start the craftingseason again, I am busy working on T.'s blanket & a crocheting project

- & to top it all off: having a pyjama-sunday!


Anki & Iris started to count their blessing & EffieMartineMaartjeDeboraMireilleBelinda – TabithaMaritFroukjeLeontien– Esther – Anne – Arnika – Marielle – Judith – MaartjeMaureenSuusMarie-LuAukjeJolanda - Carla and Esther counted as well.


FFF # 34

1. 37/365 Kiss The Rain [Explored FP], 2. Rain, 3. Yellow Rain Boots, 4. why does it always rain on me

"And when it rains on your parade,
look up rather than down.

Without the rain there
would be no rainbow."

~Jerry Chin~

Have a great weekend!

FFF = Flickr Favorite Friday, I post a mosaic of some of them!



During my lunchbreak I passed a junk store & I found this laying in the window:

When I got home I found this wonderful card photographed & send to me by Kay for our wedding! Thank you Kay, it's beautiful!

I have found a wonderful magazine a couple of weeks ago & yesterday I found out the newest issue was out! So today I found it amongst some other stuff I ordered :)!
Klein Format bought at Een nieuw avontuur

Hope you made some great finds as well!





What do you give as a weddinggift? Well money & china I guess.
This wonderful 'china' was given to us by my sweet friend R. & his wife K.. They brought it home from France for us! Plates for my men & me:

Plates by Petit Jour Paris

And here are the last remains of my bouquet:
bird from de Wereldwinkel & blocks by Aesthetic Outburst

I decided not to dry or otherwise try to safe & keep my bouquet. I just picked out the flowers that were still beautiful.

Thanks to a blogpost by Zilverblauw I realised I never tell where all the stuff in my pictures comes from, shame on me! So from now on I will try to put in where or how I got it!

Have a great day!


FFF # 33

Have a magical weekend!

FFF = Flickr Favorite Friday, I post a mosaic of some of them!


Some details

Beautiful memories we made last friday, here are some detailpics!

Happy new week!


Yesterday we celebrated our 8 year anniversary by getting married!

Pictures courtesy by my sister-in-law, my mother & my mother-in-law.

We got wed by registrar whose name is Engeltje (little angel), our dear, sweet friend R. played & sung a beautiful song to us, we had strawberry macarons & champagne followed by a wonderful dinner!

We had an amazing day surrounded by our dearest friends & family!
Have a lovely weekend!

"Sometimes I believe in fate

but the chances we create

always seem to ring more true

you took a chance on loving me

I took a chance on loving you"

lyrics Katie Melua


Polaroid Project

Here some results on our Polaroid a day-project!
We started off this holidays project with this one:
oops, is this correct? Is it the film, is it me or is it my camera?


The first sunday we went to a brocante/vide grenier/fleamarket & I bought this:

would it work?
We tested it with our second cassette of film.

Well the colours look better

more in focus, sharp

and even my sweetheart knows how to operate it!

Not bad for a camera that cost me just 4 euro's!


La douce France

We're back from our holiday in La douce France, here a small impression in pictures:

 our house for this holiday

  the magic of bbq

 our neighbours

 fun in the garden

 postcard-corner of the house

 after all the croissants & macarons you crave... ;)

 candles in Lourdes

 a piggy-back-swim

 Mary in Auch


a super holiday!

After returning from France we celebrated J.'s 6th birthday with lots of presents, a trip to the Trainmuseum & homemade pancakes on his request!
And now we are on the beginning of the last week off from school, slowly getting back in to the rhythm!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!