Random Halloween


o dear...
The boys & I had a blast with our little Halloweenparty this afternoon!
They both had invited 2 friends, we drank green brainjuice with spiders & played a game with a grab box (parts of a skeleton were in there as well as spiders & glow in the dark eyeballs...)
I decorated the living room with purple & white cobwebs, some spiders & bunting. And ofcourse the Lego storage heads did their part as well, storing candy, popcorn & the partybags.
T. looked more cute than scary with pumpkin-hat, from the Kinderverkleedwinkel, but don't tell him :)!
Have a spooky night y'all!


Monday Giveaway Marathon

This weeks giveaway is from 'Ierdwyfke, mei leafde makke' (translates from frysian to: little eartwoman, made with love), she recycles & up cycles some wonderful stuff into dresses, stuffed toys & these amazing 'knibbelstikken' a.k.a. kneepads!

Yay! She's giving away this set of autumn kneepads!

 Great for all those worn-out knees in your kids jeans!
How can you enter this giveaway? Visit the Ierdwyfkeshop &
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The winner of last weeks giveaway by Mijnes is: MiM! Congrats!
Please drop me an email with your address at saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com
Have beautiful new week!


Count your blessing

This autumnbreak was mostly spend indoors due to a sick T. but we enjoyed not having to rush in the morning. I had to work this week as well so we kept it pretty simple. This weekend we spend playing boardgames, playing with Kapla, reading magazines, drinking tea & watching Wallace & Gromit on DVD!

* The cards from Oerrr came in with some great nature-discovery-tasks (taste the rain, make a leaf-blanket, look at & draw the bottom of a mushroom).
* The LEGO Halloween heads Room Copenhagen send us were good for many scary moments (flooting headphoto's, putting them in place to scare me & having them scare people in the streets by putting them on the windowsil!).
* Making pumpkinsoup & my love roasted the seeds with some salt, pepper & olive oil! Mmmmmh!
* Today my second blog on Boyslabel went online!

For more blessings look here on Zilverblauw.

Have a great new week!

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# 2

No plans what so ever over here & I actually like it that way.
T. is done with the flu, all the trees in our street decided this is the time to let go of their leaves, it's cold outside & grey.
This weekend we'll set the clock back an hour, welcome wintertime!
Happy weekend to you!

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Random wednesday

Having a lazy wednesday with the boys. Had some plans on going places today but T. got sick last night so we are doing a movie-day at home complete with fresh popcorn.


Meanwhile I am making plans for a little ghostparty next wednesdayafternoon. I've learned that if I make a little party out of our wednesdayafternoons we're all happier at the end of the day!
Found something at the Kinderverkleedwinkel that was probably made for a make up-klutz like me: Stickers! Now even I can make scary-faces as well! 
The LEGO-pumpkinhead is from ROOM Copenhagen.

Have a great day!
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Monday Giveaway Marathon


This weeks giveaway is from Mijnes! Mijnes is a dutch designstudio that designs & produces articles in small batches with lots of love!

She's giving away this beautiful grey/pink guardian angel, made of woolfelt, with 2 charms: 1 angel that reads 'made for an angel' & 1 hand that reads 'handmade'. The ribbon is printed with the text 'love & happiness'!
How can you win this sweet angel? Well visit
Mijnes & leave a comment here!
Good luck!
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The winner of last week giveaway by Stoffies is: Puur Arnika! Congrats!
Please mail me your adress at saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com
So sorry not tho have heard from the winner of the Broesj giveaway, so I asked the Random Number Generator for a new number: Iris could you please send me your adress?!


Count Your Blessings


Had a good week,
with an afternoon off from work just to sit on the couch, read magazines & drink tea, pure bliss!
A great after-run-lunch with mashed avocado on toast (Zilverblauw & Cup of Jo got me hooked on this!).
Cobus enjoying the autumnsun.
Today we started autumnbreak with a trip to Beekse Bergen, a zoo set up like an African safari & with a great theme this time: shit! :) Always good for a laugh! You can actually buy different kinds of poop for your garden, too bad we don't have a garden. ;)

Have a great new week!

For more blessings look here on the Zilverblauw-blog!

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Random happy-making-objects. My Schleich rabbit (yes completely inspired by Martine), my PlanetFur Hermione & my own handknitted trivet. Slowly getting my crafting-spirit back, been knitting on a blanket & starting on this shawl soon!
Psps Calling VINK, calling VINK! Please check in, you won the Broesj giveaway!!!


Monday Giveaway Marathon

This weeks giveaway is from Stoffies! This shop has got everything for creative hands!
From felt to wobbly eyes to handmade bunting with name for the not so creative hands!

Stoffies is giving away a little package with a Knoopster a.k.a. a Knitting Star, thread & a description so you can make a long cord or friendshipsbracelets!
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Good luck!
The winners of last weeks giveaway from Haakt are:

Please send me an email with your adress at
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Happy monday!


Count Your Blessings

colorful flowers
autumn skies
This week our washingmachine called it quits, that was actually kind of a blessing in many ways!
For one: I didn't have do the laundry!
And two: when it turned out not to be able to get fixed as quick as hoped, my sweet 'BFF' (ah you know ;)) came to the rescue!
When things break down you know who your friends are and they are truly a blessing!
For more Count Your Blessings hop on over to Zilverblauw.

Have a beautiful new week!
Ps. Last call for this weeks giveaway!
Psps: I bought the Ingela P Arrhenius plate Hikjes in Huis!
Pspsps: Dear VINK you won last weeks giveaway, please send me an email!


Just did it!

I just ran 3 kilometers in 22 minutes 57 seconds!
I just had to share!
Have a great saturday!
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Random + Oh Marie bird

J. got in a lot of pain in the middle of the night due to an inner ear infection so we stayed up with him & he stayed home from school yesterday. We had a quiet day together watching some DVD's & reading books. And ofcourse taking a nap:

o dear when did his feet become so huge!?
And some more randomness!
The Oh Marie bird is flying of to:
Babette please send me an email with your address at saskia.vanderzee [at] yahoo [dot] com.
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Monday Giveaway Marathon

Haakt is a shop specialised in crochetpatterns, complete crochetkits, wool/cotton/needles & even online instructions on how to crochet!
They have jewellery-, scarves- & hatpatterns in every level.
Last year I made myself a beautiful cowl with a kit from Haakt!  
Today's giveaway gives not 1 but 3 chances to win this Sweet Heart Pattern (deluxe, it's on sturdy paper!) by Haakt! 

If you want a chance to win: visit Haakt & leave a comment here!
(the pattern is in dutch only)
And the winner of the swallow brooch from Broesj is:

Congratulations Vink! Please send an email to:
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 Have a beautiful new week!


Count your blessings

This week was filled with 'little' blessings! The kick off to for the Monday Giveaway Marathon had me covered in confetti for days!

Yes, I do love brooches too!

Some sweet mail from Mikodesign & so appropriate: the gardenconfetti I got with an order from Hikjes in Huis!

* Had an amazing wednesdayafternoon with my boys, 2 of their friends & 'my new BFF' ;): discovering that if you pretend to have a party, time does fly!
* Yesterday I ran 15 minutes for the first time in my life!! And I actually enjoy the whole running-thing!
* And today my sweetheart took the boys with him to footballfield so I had some time to do nothing really, I just made a big pan of soup!
roasted paprika soup

Have a great new week!
You can still enter the giveaway, tomorrow I'll announce the winner & the NEW giveaway!
Oh and if you want a bird to spend a few days at your home, please give a comment here!
ps the house was bought at a brocante on holiday in France.


Oh Marie!

The Oh Marie Magazine launched last month with number 0-Birds of Paradise! Marlous threw a launchparty complete with a piñata for every guest! In the piñata's were small thriftstore-treasures.
Liefgeval found a bird-embroidery! Cute no? But she wasn't allowed to keep it, oh no, the bird had a job to do to spread the word of this great new online magazine! And Liefgeval meanwhile was busy in her own big adventure as well!

So she set the bird free with an address & of it went!

And look! It landed here save & sound in my mailbox!


We do like having the bird around with all it's stories of all it's travels, but it seems to be a bit scared of Cobus & Sjaan...
And it still needs & wants to tell the Oh Marie story to so many people more!
So do you want to receive a special delivery & keep him for a few days, take photo's of him in your home, send it further on his trip & become a member of the Fellowship of the Travelling Vintage Items:
Please leave a comment with your emailaddress, I will randomly pick someone!
Ps you can still enter my giveaway as well!



Random fairytales

Sunday we went to Scheveningen to see the big kites & visited the Fairytale- sculptures by Tom Otterness.
One of the pictures above is not by me or my camera! J. took his own camera to the beach & took several really good photo's!

the artist at work ♥
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