Blessed & bye-bye

I am truly blessed to have 122 followers & many of you visit me & comment on my posts. It always gives me a big smile to find a new comment on a post!
I want to thank you all for your time & comments, it really means a lot to me!

- just a photo with a bowl from Babongo
& a pencil sharpener from Kado om de hoek

But I have come to a point where the inspiration kind of lacks me & I feel a bit 'blog-tired'.
And so I have decided to take a break, don't know for how long, but I'll promiss you I will post some caravan pics as soon as I get to see the caravan! :)
And I will keep visiting your blogs as often as I can!

So bye-bye for now!

Have a great week!


FFF #5

You must allow
me to tell you
how ardently
I admire &
love you

~ mr. Darcy ~

Have a lovely weekend!

For some Valentine inspiration look here, here or here!


Random shadow

We have had such sunny, clear weather that made beautiful light & shadows in the house.



Liebster Blogaward

Lucky me, I got it twice! 
Thank you Turning Pages for giving me this award, getting it from you means a lot!
And thank you Bien Maakt for giving me this award as well! I feel really honored & surprised!

This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers.

When you receive this award: 

- you thank the award-giver & you place a link
- you give the award to 5 other blogs & 
let them now through a reaction/comment on their blog
- hope that your award will be passed on!

I will pass this award on to:


gelukkig in de jaren zestig


Have a great day!


Blessings week 5

What made me smile this (past) week:

- knitted & finished these wristwarmers
found the pattern via gelukkigindejaren60

- yes I too fell for the supermarket-muppet-madness

- this yellow (yes, yellow!) typewriter

- finally having snow & a real dutch type of winter, sunny, freezing days

- changing the outlook of my blog with some help from Zilverblauw & Siem en Zo! (nogmaals dank! ♥)

- receveid an Liebster Blogaward from Turning Pages & Bien Maakt, thank you so much! *blush*

- we bought a caravan!!! Not a Kip but a Caravelair, sorry no pics yet...

- had a great sunday with the inlaws visiting & today we started the week with some flu & an earinfection for J..

Hope you all have a great new week!


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FFF #4

AMMO by Alyssa Nassner
AMMO, a photo by Alyssa Nassner on Flickr

I am messing around with a new layout, can't seem to get that blue out of my header... If you know how, please let me know. 
edit to add: I conquered the HTML-monster & won! :) 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, we are bound to go outside for a  good old snowball fight! 



Random texture

Texture knitted, crocheted, made by ice, in a museum or just ironing beads on the table.