Bye bye january

Somebody said, january is the longest monday of the year, so true! I am happy that february starts tomorrow!
Saturday I had to work at a market/exhibition and the childrensbook-publishers were also represented... yay!
For J.'s school I picked up some posters and a huge calender.
And for the boys I bought 2 books as well:
I ended the day at Starbucks with sore feet and a huge smile!
It's always nice and an inspiration to do this kind of pr-work.
Wish you all a week filled with sunshine & color!


A candle

I light a candle for Roos & her men, sending positive thoughts their way.



FFF # 23

1. Sweet Colours 2, 2. Funny - A Hoot, 3. sweet like chocolate, 4. Cavédrale

Wish I could just pull out the new leaves, in serious need of green!
Have a good weekend!


An award


Thank you Rosarood for the Stylish Blogger Award! I am honored! 

Receiving this award means I have to share 7 things about myself, so here we go:

* I am 182 cm tall, that's 71.65 inches or 5 feet and 11.65 inches, my legs measure from hip to heel 112 cm
* I really don't like yellow, really don't!
* I am addicted to coffee
* have smoked for 10 years, quit smoking 7 years & 84 days ago
* I have a (not so) secret crush on Pierce Brosnan (Thomas Crown affair...)
* love to listen to Adele, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, U2, ABBA,  Prince & well too many others :)
* I can watch movies like Sissi, the Sound of music & Pretty woman over and over again...

And now for the difficult part, I would love to give this award to:

Please be so kind as to accept the award with a smile and don't feel pushed in to participating!



Collection # 14

Made by:
top left & bottom right:
top right:
my first mothersdaygift by J. 2006
middle right:
middle left & bottom left:



Super heroes

What do you do when your mother knits you a Zsa mask?
Take it for a little flight ofcourse!
And we have lift off!

Hope you have a superweek!


A little story

When shopping in Delft a few weeks ago I bumped into a little-not-so-happy-angel. Why the sad face, I asked? Well who wants an angel moving in after christmas?
Lucky for the angel I remembered a certain someone who would love to give a happy angel a home. With the promise that she would stay happy, I gave her the address & the little angel went flying off.

Yesterday when I came home I found a package waiting for me. The angel had told some secrets & so I was surprised with
a sweet little book by Rie Cramer!
And the most beautiful hand-carved-deer-stamp!

Thank you Arnika for these sweet & wonderful gifts!



Collection # 13

owl figurines


It helped

The rant (& sweet comments!) helped, it created space to breathe again.
Yesterdayafternoon T. had his first playdate, one of his little friends came over for a visit.
J. really was the big brother helping those little ones with a puzzle. Seeing those 3 like this made me smile again.

And the arrival of this package sure did me some good too!

Thanks Ingrid!



Just stop

Every once and a while it happens, I don't know how or why but I am suddenly feeling like I am drowning.
Drowning in the 'don't-no-stop-quiet-hurry-modus' I just slipped in with the kids.
When I am at that point I don't feel like a good mother, I feel like a 'negative-monster'. Nothing is good, everything goes wrong.
I feel like a broken record, repeating over & over again.
I just need to stop & let go off the tension that's building up inside.
This too shall pass, right?

Sorry for this rant, just a mother crashing & getting back up again.



Blue monday

And as they say it´s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, I decided we should fight the feeling with:
some wise words

a promise

poffertjes with blueberries

a fresh bunch of tulips

playing around with thanks to Katie

Oh and having a gasleak in your street does wonders as a destraction from negative thoughts!

Have a happy monday!



Sunny sunday

Finally, let's go & say hello to the sea.
past the shells
on we go
pause for a closer look
Hello sea, good to see you again!

Hope you enjoyed a sunny sunday as well!



Collection # 12

Bonne Maman jars

We don't eat that much jam, the boys are more into chocolatestuff, but when we do buy jam it's Bonne Maman.
Why? Because it reminds us of holidays in France, naturellement!
I started using the first jar to keep small stuff in. I just can't throw the empty jars away.
They are waiting for us to buy that cottage somewhere in the south of France, so I can use all these jars as lamps :)!


ps. check out all the little chairs on Lilla a & bring out your vote. nr. 11 is my chair... :)


Some color

We could do with some color on this grey day.

a sweet vintage card & cranebird from Ingthings,
thank you Ingrid!

a little doe in his new home

I finished the lettertray today.
I used some wrappingpaper from 

I hope you found some color in your day too!

Hard time

Getting out of bed in the morning. I don't know about you but I turn out to be the mother that has to rush because she just can't get out of her warm & cozy bed. Today was even harder because I could hear the raindrops hitting the bedroomwindow.
image from November book by Rie Cramer
beautiful gift from dear friend L.
I hope it will get better when the mornings aren't as dark as they are now.


On my list this week

Turning these:

into these:

* Yes, this is what I am doing to those magazines, I turn them into envelopes with help from this template

* Making pasta with this great recipe from Siem en zo

* Checking out another great giveaway from Mondaysmilk on Orange Farmhouse

* Use our new colourprinter for this fun bird thaumatrope (a what? a toy)from Made by Joel

* Probably playing this game over and over again if it's up to J. & T. Thanks L.! :)

* Can't wait to see the endresult of Artminds' beautiful work

* And for some photograpic inspiration I will pay an extra visit to Bicocacolors

* So sorry to have missed yesterdays great event: the no pants subwayride thanks to Color me Katie we still have te evidence...
Happy monday!



Another first

Today J. had his first swimminglesson. He was a bit nervous but he had so much fun!
All his firsttimes so far bring tears to my eyes.
O they do grow up so fast...



Collection # 11

old labbottles

with unit of capacity


Gave it a try

We had a nice bottle of J & J Champagne on New Years Eve, so I tried my luck at chairmaking, thankfully they come with their own table. :)

Wanna try? Look at Lilla a for her New Years challenge!



Fresh New Year

Welcome 2011!
After all the celebrations, today had a really fresh, sunny & new feel to it. We put all the christmasdecorations back in their boxes & enjoyed the space we now have back.
In a month we have another new year,
that'll be the start of

This year I am not going to make resolutions just this one (or 2): be more thankful of what I got & enjoy life a bit more!

Do you make resolutions?


ps if you drank champagne: check out this fun & creative challenge at Lilla a!
picture by Lilla a