A bit of my tuesday:
I had some time for the flowers on the balcony.

I even had some time for tea on the balcony.

My view from the balcony in the diningroom:

Ah! The mailman! Always a happy moment! I got a beautiful card from NewYork.

And... a package sealed with some sweet tape!

Thank you again Daan it's a great stamp!

Just a bit more close-up so you can see the great detail!




I had a really good monday, it was sunny, the children were at their best behavior and yesterdayafternoon I spend some quiet time reading my favorite blogs when I spotted this:

Huh, that's me?! I checked the comments and then it really hit me: I won a giveaway at Maandagdaandag! Yay!
Thank you Daan for this supersweet giveaway!

I hope your monday was as good as mine!
And now I am off to buy me some great envelopes :)!



Sunny monday

To you!!!

I hope you all have a sunny and happy week ahead!


Het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Yesterday I had a whole day to myself and so I visited Het Gemeentemuseum in The Hague! Mostly for the Voici Paris! exhibition but I also enjoyed all the other ones!
Here is my small impression:

Meanwhile our thoughts go out to all those who suffer because of the planecrash in Libya...



Happy mothersday!

Happy mothersday to all you mothers outthere!
Being a mother is a very ambiguous thing, on the onehand it makes me feel really vulnerable and on the other hand it makes me feel strong as a lion. It makes me feel loved and it makes me feel guilty whenever I make some time for just me. It makes me feel proud and scared. It makes me laugh out loud and it makes me cry. Being a mother is an emotional rollercoasterride!
But being a mother has made me a more complete person and I am greatful for that!
I hope you all have a great mothersday!`