The beach

We could have gone & visit the park to listen to some great music but we decided on a day at the beach!

Just chillin' on the beach... for I guess a minute then he returned to running in the breakers with his brother.

I started a new collection: sea urchins. I sat down in a small puddle of water gathering the small remains of the urchins & some little shells. Soon I was surrounded by 5 girls asking what I was looking for and before I knew it they were helping me with my quest!

"What are you going to do with these urchins", asked one of the little ladies. Well this:
The beginning of a small necklace

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!


Daan said...

en wij waren in het park met de muziek! maar het strand is ook berefijn en de schelpjes prachtig!

Guusje said...

Wow, heel tof!
Waar vind je die eigenlijk, ik ben ze alleen op de tropen tegen gekomen...

Knoopjes said...

Hai Guusje,
Ik vond ze op het strand van Kijkduin. Gisteren bij Hoek van Holland geweest en daar heb ik ze niet gezien, gek genoeg...
Fijne dag nog!