Forward an Award

2 girls on a swing

Received a sweet award from Arnika! *blush*
It's so nice & special to have my blog liked!
Thank you Arnika!

I would love to give this award to:


Please accept this award with a smile
don't feel pressured into participating!


Rules Liebster Blog Award
1. If you receive this award thank the one who you gave it to you.
2. Pass the award to 3 (minimum) - 5 (maximum) other blogs you like to read & link to these blogs in your post.
3. Leave a message on the winners blogs to let them know they won.
4. This award is intended to promote new or undiscovered blogs.


Fienke said...

Jouw blog is super!
Van harte.

Rosa Rood said...

Hihi...nou de award heb je wel verdiend!
Fijne lente wens ik je!

Hiskia said...

bedankt bedankt bedankt!! wat ontzettend lief!! *glimlach*

Dyantha said...

Bedankt! xxx! (met een glimlach ;) )