Homemade Market

Sunday the boys & I took the tram to the citycentre of The Hague to visit the Homemade Market. The boys had fun looking at the caroussel, choosing their own pair of Walky-Talkies, eating cotton candy, checking out the ukelele workshop & trying the ballooncar!

It was fun to see a lot of webshops in real life like: Djello, Mies & MasMooch, Tas-Ka & Hebbuh! And to see & touch before buying which means: I bought more than I intended in the first place... ;)!

It was even more fun to see homemade stuff by peeps without a shop!
I bought this cute little bird-dish & fawn from a woman without a shop & I finally got myself a beautiful 'knoopjes'-bracelet (how could I not have one? :)) from ByBjor! Found me some vintage brooches as well.

We also got some homedmade pastries but they didn't make it home, we ate them at the spot!



Fienke said...

hihi, knoopjes voor knoopjes

Mireille said...

Geweldig altijd dit soort markten.
Wat een geweldige aank(n)oopjes!
Ik vind de broches helemaal leuk zeg.

Iris said...

Heel leuk! Ik spaar zwaluw-broches dus ben een beetje jaloers op die rooie. ;)