Random wednesday

I didn't make any new year's resolutions but I did make a Love List for myself where I put in more balance & yoga.
So I started a meditationcourse at the yogaschool this week & I got back to yogaclass as well.

I got these wonderful yogacards a few years back as a birthdaygift from a dear friend E. & so J. wanted to do yoga with me on & off, lately not. But yesterday when I asked him what shall we do on your free wednesdayafternoon, he asked for yoga. Don't make a big deal out of it, it usually lasts for about 10 minutes... :) But we have fun together & T. also puts his best tree in as well!

And when all else fails finding our inner balance on these grey wednesdayafternoons, we always have this:


Random Wednesday, I will place random photo's, facts, links ect., do hope you'll like it!)


HeppieHermpie said...

Aaaah wat een leuk filmpje!!!
En, ik ga je blog volgen, 'k vind 'm leuk!! (gevonden bij/via Zilverblauw!)
Groetjes, Herma

Fienke said...

goed bezig mevrouw Knoopjes en oh ja, manamana :-))

Siem said...

Te veel in balans is ook maar saai...
een Manamana-dansje op zijn tijd doet wonderen ;-)

I ♥ the Muppets

Mars said...

Tu tuuu tududu, I loooooove MahnaMahnam (of mana mana of...) vooral bij seconde 25 waarin hij helemaal los gaat, ik moet er altijd om grinniken! :) Thnx!

Heather said...

Cheers to more yoga and balance. Namaste.