Count my blessings

getting real enthousiastic about my new work, it feels like a window in my head openend & ideas just fly in.
▲ working from home when T. got the flu.
▲ visiting & working on a convention where I got some time to buy J. a book from his favorite author & have it signed as well 
▲ had a nice converstation about Tony's Chocoloney & research a got these wonderful bars of chocolate as a gift
▲ last week J. had a hearing test & that proved that he is partially deaf, today the hospital called to schedule the operation to place tubes in his ears. The blessing here is the fact that 'the problem' was acknowledged & it's treatable! 
▲ on sunday we went to Nijmegen to visit friends, hopped in Het Valkhof to look at what remained of the Romans that once lived there.
▲ don't let the boys hear it but I am really happy the snow is gone! Sssst...
Hopefully this week Mr. Flu moves out! I am busy with gathering the last pieces to bring with me to the IJhallen (fleamarket) coming saturday! Hopefully I don't have to take everything back with me.
Have a beautiful new week!
For more blessing visit Zilverblauw!


Fien said...

Ja en nu heb ik zin in chocola ;-)
Fijne blessings, fijne week!

Lorecreatief said...

Wat een leuke blessings! Fijn dat je zo geniet van je nieuwe job! Hoop dat binnenkort ook te kunnen zeggen :-)

merula said...

o have fun zaterdag! Neem lekker wat chocolade mee en dan komt dat helemaal goed.

Mars said...

Alvast veel plezier in de hallen! Hopelijk verkoop je je hele kraam leeg :)
Fijn van de buisjes!
En heerlijk chocolade, ik kocht vandaag nog de bovenste reep :)

Iris Vank said...

Wat een mooie rij!!

wood & wool stool said...

Wat zijn de resultaten van het Tony onderzoek? De verpakking is al zo goed!

Kaylovesvintage said...

my fav sweets

Lisanne van de Klift said...

Die verpakkingen zijn echt fantastisch!!! En dat er chocola in zit maakt het nog beter :-)