Happy monday!

Happy monday everybody!
A new week with lots of stuff to do! Now that J. started school, it's like the whole family has to find a new daily routine. I have a new 'job' on monday & tuesday, I am a lunchmommy! So I sit with a group of children while they eat their lunch and I supervise while they're on the playground.
I really need to call my drivinginstuctor, I haven't had a lesson for over 2 months now... I am so scared, not of the driving itself, but more of the judgement of the instructor! So, note to self: you pay this man to teach you how to drive a car! That's it!
I have bought some fabric to make a blanket for the neighbours' baby, I should make a start with that this week.
And I should better be knitting, because soon this new pattern book will arrive and I really want to be knitting these!

Just check out this blog, what a happy place filled with the most creative photographs!

Picture by Color me Katie



Tureluur-Bellemietje said...

pff er hangt er hier eentje toevallig in mijn nek....
"volgens telgje2 puber op en top"
zijn ze onwijsvetgaafhelemaal2010 <---wat dat nou weer moet voor stellen....??
Ze zijn dus goedgekeurd!

Tureluur-Bellemietje said...

uuuh de handschoenen dan he!