Oh my!

Time sure flies! Being occupied with schooldays, knitting & a severe cold, I just didn't make time for you all! So here are some pics of the last few days.

I got my order from this great Etsian! If you are looking for some great vintage finds, you should hop on over to her store!

Fall really kicked in & J. is collecting everything he can get his little hands on!

Meanwhile Miffy is keeping me company on my cowl, I still need a few inches extra!

Tomorrow I am going to go to Amsterdam with my mother for some well deserved shopping!
I would love to hear what your plans are!


Tureluur-Bellemietje said...

tjee..ik ben aan het bij lezen en zie dus nu pas je logje..
maar mijn weekend zat vol met "voetbal" heel saai..maar toch weer niet...

Guusje said...

Leuk je te ontmoeten!