Bye bye 2009!

Being very busy attending unfinished business, something in the corner of my eye tried to catch my attention, it was my little corner on the world wide web!!!
I am so sorry little blog, but it all came to a stand still after this:

My sweetheart broke his arm during a soccermatch and so I became a mother of 3 instead of 2!

Thankfully everything turned out allright with his arm after surgery and I could focus on my mountain of unfinished business. I like to end the year (or actually start the year) with a clean slate, so every december I am in a hurry to finish the unfinished... Oh well, at least I try!
Here a few pictures of the last 3 or so months:

So, goodbye 2009, you have been a year of saying goodbye to many things and left us with lots of keys & memoiries! We move on to the new year keep in mind the good and finding a nice place for the not so good!
I am looking forward to many things and to reading all of the great blogs out here!

I wish you all the best for 2010!


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