And so

We continued bussiness as usual...
Being busy celebrating summer & when I had some time on my hands behind the computer I was without inspiration.
This picture was taken by my mother, she just points & shoots.

We had a emergency visit to the hospital, again???
Yes again, our youngest son got the diagnosis peanut-allergy from bloodtests when he was 9 months old & so we never gave him any peanut & peanutrelated stuff because we didn't know how serious this allergy would be.
Last wednesday he was in kindergarden & it happened, he got his little hands on a peanutbutter sandwich & he got an anafylactic reaction. So I rushed to the kindergarden & an ambulance was called to the scene. His eyes & mouth were really swollen & he had a bit of difficulty breathing. The medics gave him a shot with 2 kinds of medication & took us to hospital where he was monitered for several hours. It took him a few hours to return to his healthy, happy little self playing with mummy in hospital. In the early evening we were released, happy to go home.
And so now we all carry a so called Epi-pen & we repeat many times a day: pinda's zijn stout!!! peanuts are bad!!!
So if you have any tips on how to deal with a serious allergy, please leave a comment! Thank you!

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