Just so you know

Apparently we are stuck in this rythm, monday & tuesday I am at home, wednesday, thursday & friday I work in an office and daddy stays at home on thursdays.
But this week, due to some boring stuff, I switched days, so today I worked and my sweetheart stayed at home.
Everybody got kicked out of balance by this! Little T. was pretty stubborn this morning when I was getting busy to get out of the door & on my way, he pointed out that daddy needed to go, not mommy... And J. wondered where I was all day when I came home.
Also my blog gets a bit off-balance by this big change in events this week ;)!
See you soon!



Rosa Rood said...

O ja...rust, reinheid en regelmaat...is the old story..
Wat lief je kids...herinner ik mij hier ook wel...

Fijne woensdag middag!

Bernice said...

Hello. I just had a little peek at your blog for the first time. Love that fish!

Kristi said...

i never realised how important rhythm was until i had littles.