Enjoying our sunday with
baking apfelkuche (thanks Maren!)
making snow
looking at the lights
* flipping through Perceel nr. 235 (o how i wish we had a garden)
* playing with Lego
* reading Kabouter Roodbaard to the kids (my mother used to read this to me, she brought the books with her last week)
* and lots of tea & hot cocoa!

Hope you enjoyed your sunday as well!


Kaylovesvintage said...

sounds like a great sunday

Fienke said...

Taart ziet er prachtig uit.

Rosa Rood said...

Was ie lekker ?! ;o)
Welk mooie huisjes heb jij daar..schattig!

Fijne week!

bicocacolors said...

on a day so gray, raining and not stop raining here, your pictures are like a rainbow!!!

Kristi said...

i got the package today and i am so touched.
i looooooooooove all of it. the book is the sweetest.
i already put the print up in quinn's room, next to his wooden shoes.
i have no words...truly.

i will be putting together something for you in return.
give me some time though...i am the slowest crafter.
thank you...i feel like i have a piece of my homeland to share with my littles and it means the world to me.