A step back

First of all, thank you for your reactions & well wishes on the easter/breaking a leg post!

Dear T.,
Thankfully you're not in any pain & you have no problem sleeping!
With one leg in a cast you're not as mobile as you would like, but you've got it all figured out pretty fast:
just take a step back & crawl! 
let J. do the work & just enjoy the ride! 
you don't even mind getting back in the stroller!
"rijden mamma, rijden!"
because J. has 2 weeks off from school,
you get to go on some great trips!
Today daddy took you both to 

And to top it all off you got some
fun mail today! 
Thanks Siem for the great card & wonderful feathers!

Tomorrow we have to go back to the hospital for some x-rays & a new cast. I hope you can keep up your happy spirit & smile! I will be there every step of the way, don't worry about that!




Rosa Rood said...

Oh, wens jullie het allerbeste in het ziekenhuis! Sterkte!

Siem said...

Gelukkig maar dat ie het goed doet!
En ja, het was wel een toepasselijk kaartje, hè?