Taking granny to the max

Remember this little square? I thought I was going to make a beautiful blanket with, well hundreds of squares!
And then it hit me, I had to sew all those squares together... The more I thought about, the less I liked the idea.

I examined other ways to make a crocheted blanket, but I still came back to the granny squares...
So I decided to follow this lead & take granny to the max!

So much fun to do this during lunchtime or when I am sitting with the kids at the playground or in the evening sitting in front of television!

Too bad for the granny I spotted a great little number to knit & my hands are itching to make it! I'll make it as a gift for someone so I will show as soon as it is finished & given!

What's on your hands these days?


Ps: if you have some leftover yarn & you love to make grannysquares & help a good cause ~ hop on over to Annemarie's Breiblog where you find out how to help the people of Somalia!


Marjolein said...

Herkenbaar, het haken van de granny's is leuk maar het aan elkaar zetten en afwerken... Ook niet echt mijn ding. Ik ben nu armbandjes met kraaltjes aan het haken, gezien op het blog van vlijtig. Heel simpel, heel leuk en zo klaar! Das toch meer wat voor mij! ;-)

Siem said...

Idem hier! Het haken is leuk en rustgevend, maar die +*#@draadjes!!!
Dit ziet er toch ook heel goed uit, ja, heeeel goed zelfs.