Random piece of art

Have you ever spotted something, fell in love & went out on a quest to find it? I fell for this (kind of) painting when I spotted it in the book 'Als Nieuw' by Emily Chalmers & Ali Hananfell. No information about the painter whatsoever, so I was looking for a needle in a haystack.
Until Kay did a post where she showed a similair painting & mentioned the artist, yay!
Now I can finally put it on my vintage/thriftstore-list.

The postcards-from-France, 17 of you wanted to receive a card, so the 17 of you just drop me an email with your address & I will send you one! (saskia.vanderzee ~at~ yahoo ~dot~ com)



That Girl in Pearls said...

Yes, that has definitely happened to me with art! I found this gorgeous photograph of a horse from the side that was divided into three perfectly huge framed pieces. It was fabulous. I finally found it, but it is still something I will have to wait on.

Hope you're doing Lovely,
That Girl in Pearls

Rowantree Design said...

I recently bought a 50's print from an auction, nonody could tell me anything about it, (gorgeous, topless tahitian lady) i am still searching for her story. She is happily hanging in my fibro beachvshack I have almost completed renovating. I love collecting mid century and vintage so much character is to be found in these pieces.
Ps I am now following you
Pss i do hope you pop on over and say hello, I am running a giveaway until the 3rd July.

eskimo*rose said...

Wow-I'm impressed the a) you managed to track it down, and b) you spotted it in the blog post, you must have very beady eyes!!

Siem said...

Fijne vakantie, Sas! See you when I get back.

Iris Vank said...

Heel mooi, dit schilderij. Ik herkende het meteen, was me ook al opgevallen in dat boek. ;)

emmel-prutsemieke said...

Ik heb je adres maar ik kan het niet goed lezen, kan je het me nog eens mailen op 'emmelluna@hotmail.com'

Planet Fur said...

Die is zo gaaf, dat boek helemaal trouwens, ik krijg er nooit genoeg van. Wauw, om zoiets te vinden bij de kringloop, dat is n droom!

Martine said...

Yay! Ik lig al op de mat! ;-)