Fresh New Year

Welcome 2011!
After all the celebrations, today had a really fresh, sunny & new feel to it. We put all the christmasdecorations back in their boxes & enjoyed the space we now have back.
In a month we have another new year,
that'll be the start of

This year I am not going to make resolutions just this one (or 2): be more thankful of what I got & enjoy life a bit more!

Do you make resolutions?


ps if you drank champagne: check out this fun & creative challenge at Lilla a!
picture by Lilla a


OrangeFarmhouse said...

Wat een vreselijk grappige stoel zeg, heb hem zojuist op twitter gezet!
Alle goeds voor 2011 en ja... GENIET!

bicocacolors said...

wonderful ideas like the wonderful year awaits for you and your family,
a big hug,

Kristi said...

i find resolutions so difficult as they have to be done in one year, i find myself thinking that might not happen this year so i better not put it on the list. i am starting to look at them differently though. like more of a collection of dreams, thoughts, ideas, and plans for many years to come.