On my list this week

Turning these:

into these:

* Yes, this is what I am doing to those magazines, I turn them into envelopes with help from this template

* Making pasta with this great recipe from Siem en zo

* Checking out another great giveaway from Mondaysmilk on Orange Farmhouse

* Use our new colourprinter for this fun bird thaumatrope (a what? a toy)from Made by Joel

* Probably playing this game over and over again if it's up to J. & T. Thanks L.! :)

* Can't wait to see the endresult of Artminds' beautiful work

* And for some photograpic inspiration I will pay an extra visit to Bicocacolors

* So sorry to have missed yesterdays great event: the no pants subwayride thanks to Color me Katie we still have te evidence...
Happy monday!



elena nuez said...

What a pleasant surprise, I'm excited!
thanks a lot, and good job!

a big hug,

KERRY said...

Wow, the envelope idea is really cool! Hope you are well :-)

Fien said...

Klikkerdeklik, dat gaat een goeie week worden. (de template voor de enveloppes is al heel lang uitverkocht :-()

Unknown said...

Oh, ben benieuwd naar je creaties!