A little story

When shopping in Delft a few weeks ago I bumped into a little-not-so-happy-angel. Why the sad face, I asked? Well who wants an angel moving in after christmas?
Lucky for the angel I remembered a certain someone who would love to give a happy angel a home. With the promise that she would stay happy, I gave her the address & the little angel went flying off.

Yesterday when I came home I found a package waiting for me. The angel had told some secrets & so I was surprised with
a sweet little book by Rie Cramer!
And the most beautiful hand-carved-deer-stamp!

Thank you Arnika for these sweet & wonderful gifts!



Theresia (Minori Design) said...

Wat mooi het boekje van Rie Cramer!
Een heel gelukkig Nieuwjaar to You XXXX

Puur Arnika said...

Graag gedaan, en blij is ze zeker!

Kristi said...

you have such a lovely soul.